Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Family Photos

I intended to post these pics right after the Christmas card reveal, but I'm just now getting around to it...10 days later!

Our family photo session was originally scheduled for late October, but Baby Boy got sick and we had to reschedule. Our rescheduled session ended up being the Sunday before Thanksgiving in downtown McKinney. Let me just tell you...that area is a popular place for professional photo sessions! We counted at least eight other photographers, which was really surprising given how late it was in the season. Despite the chaos of trying to find settings not in use by other photographers, Jaime {Storyline Photography} was able to capture fabulous images to document our little family at this point in time.

All photo credit: Storyline Photography

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ho Ho Ho!

Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus
Right down Santa Claus Lane...

Our first 2016 visit to Santa resulted in this photo...
To put it simply, Huston wasn't a huge fan of Santa. In an effort to try to make him more comfortable, I held him and tried to get as close as possible to the guy in the big red suit. H absolutely, positively was NOT going to sit on Santa's lap without getting terribly upset, so we ended up with a photo of him sitting on Momma's lap with Santa looking like a statue beside us! It's cute...but not exactly the Santa photo I had in mind.

The very next day, Daddy took H back to visit Santa...
Once again, not exactly the ideal Santa photo I had it mind...but at least we have a pic of just H with Santa.

Later that same week, we visited Santa's Village and made a a quick stop {literally less than 30 seconds!} to try out Santa's lap one more time...
I promise our little guy was instantly happy again the minute we picked him up off Santa's lap. And he is perfectly fine looking a pictures of Santa...he just wants nothing to do with Jolly 'ole St. Nick in person.  Since the day after Thanksgiving we've been asking, "Huston, what does Santa say?" Although sometimes he gets a little confused and responds with "Gobble Gobble Gobble!" {which makes me laugh every.single.time!}, his little voice saying "Ho Ho Ho!" is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  

We'll always have the memories {and the photo documentation} of the year H would have preferred for Santa to have just stayed at the North Pole.

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Ho Ho Ho!