Monday, January 6, 2014

Grammatically Correct

Improper grammar tends to make me crazy.  I'm not talking about accidental typos.  I'm referring to the repeated use of the incorrect form of a word and/or the lack (or overuse) of punctuation.  Thus, it seems fitting that I throw in a few blog posts here and there advocating proper grammar.       

Today's post is my attempt to clarify a few grammatical issues that always make me think twice.

When to use "I" versus "me"

  • Use "I" when referring to the subject of a sentence.
    • Ryan and I went to the store.
  • Use "me" when referring to the object of a sentence.
    • Lily went to the park with Ryan and me.
  • Tip:  think about whether the sentence would still make sense if it didn't include the second person.  
    • From the first example above, it wouldn't make sense to say, "Me went to the store."
    • You can confirm that "me" is correct in the second example because you wouldn't say, "Lily went to the park with I." 

When to use "who" versus "whom"

  • Use "who" when referring to the subject of a sentence (the person, place or thing doing something).
    • I don't know who made this huge mess.
  • Use "whom" when referring to the object of a sentence.
    • Whom do you love?
  • Tip:  answer the question using he or him.  
    • If the answer is he, use who.
      • Did he make the mess or did him make the mess?  He made the mess, so use who.
    • If the answer is him, use whom.
      • Do you love he or do you love him?  You love him, so use whom.

Punctuation inside or outside of quotation marks

  • Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks.  ALWAYS.
  • The placement of question marks within or outside of quotation marks is according to logic.
    • He asked, "Where would you like to go for dinner?" 
      • The quotation is the question, so the question mark goes within the quotation marks.
    • Did she really say, "McDonalds"?
      • The whole sentence is the question, so the question mark is placed outside the quotation marks.

This quiz, posted by a friend on Facebook, spurred this blog post.  

I scored a perfect 100%!  {ok, ok...maybe I googled "i.e. versus e.g." before I answered that question, but no cheating other than that!}  Take the quiz for yourself and leave a comment to let me know your score.

Disclosure:  I sincerely apologize for any grammatical errors in this (or any other) blog post.  I try to carefully proofread before I publish, but I find that I am sometimes blind to glaringly large mistakes simply because I've looked at it too many times.  Please let me know if you find mistakes in my posts.  I'll be very grateful to you...after I've corrected it!  :)

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  1. I did miss e.g and i.g and the who/whom and ended up with a score of 84%. Full disclosure, I do not consider myself part of the grammar police, so overall I was very happy with my score :)