Saturday, January 18, 2014

Leslie Loves...{1.03}

I hope you'll love this week's obsessions as much as I do.  Please keep the comments and feedback coming.  I love love love hearing from you.  It definitely motivates me to tell you more about the products that I've given "can't live without" status to.

Enjoy...{And definitely let me know if you decide to try, or currently use, something I post about.  I want to know what YOU think of it!}

The perfect solution for those nights when you don't want to can't drink an entire bottle of bubbly. This cute little single-glass serving is the same Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparking wine that comes in a bottle. I wouldn't even know where to begin to describe the taste, so I consulted the website and found the following:
Fruity and refreshing, Sofia Blanc de Blancs is a rare blend of Pinot Blanc, Muscat, and Riesling. Mellow flavors of apples and pears are topped by a hint of citrus and honeysuckle. Elegant in character, this wine is lightly textured and vibrant through the finish.
I'll admit that I tend to be a little picky, so I was a bit shocked when I actually liked this. {note: my initial assumption that canned champagne is equivalent to boxed wine couldn't have been more inaccurate.} It might not be the absolute best champagne I've ever had {once}, but it is pretty great! And what about the fabulous packaging?!!?  I mean, who wouldn't L.O.V.E. that sparkly pink octagon box? Each pretty little box contains four pretty little cans, each with its own bendy straw. I usually pour the bubbly into a glass rather than drinking it from the can, but the cute little straw made me realize how perfect these minis would be for the pool or lake on a hot summer day!

champagne in a can = juice box for adults

Sofia Coppola sipping on her namesake cocktail.
I'm almost 100% certain everyone would look this fabulous sippin' on a Sofia mini by the pool!

I've gotta give props to Kiley Clagg for accidentally introducing me to this little obsession.  She was ultimately annoyed when the store only had the mini cans of Sofia in stock (rather than the full-size bottle), but she hesitantly bought the cans anyway. Thank goodness...everything happens for a reason, right?!!? And Arnold Beam, I swear this product was made just for you!  A cute little pink can of bubbly...with a straw!  If it only came topped with a bow....

P.S. When I was searching for a photo for this post, I came across a Neiman Marcus fashion trend party that served the "chic drink of the moment" {the Sofia canned champagne} March 2011! Soooo...I guess I'm a little late to this party, but it's still a fabulously fun (and tasty) cocktail choice!  I hope you enjoy!

The {Ultimate} Jewelry Travel Case

Never again will you have to sort through a tangled mess of jewelry!

Anyone who has jewelry will love this.  Those of you who have jewelry and travel frequently?  Well, you should probably go ahead and start composing the thank you note/email you're going to send to me after you've ordered and received this gem. :) You're going to wonder how you ever survived (and accessorized) on the road without it.  I'm serious.  Order!

My A-MAZing mom gifted this jewelry book to me when I was telecommuting from Kansas part-time...constantly living out of a suitcase whether I was in Dallas or Kansas.  I think she got tired of hearing me whine that the jewelry/accessories I needed were always at the other location...or maybe it broke her heart to see my priceless family jewelry thrown in a box and tangled up with the $25 costume jewelry of the moment.  Either way, this gift was pure brilliance on her part.  THANK YOU, MOM!

The book initially comes with three pages (jewelry storage on both sides) that snap in and out of the base book.

You can also purchase additional pages, including the insert for pierced earrings
(so you don't bend the posts) 

If you travel at least once per month, take my advice on this one.  I promise you won't regret it.

UPDATE: The jewelry book is completely sold out at the links above, but it is available here.  If you're not already a Gilt member, click here to join in order to purchase the jewelry book.

Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candles

I love candles.  Period.Dot.Done.  I can guarantee you that if I'm home {and awake}, there will be a candle burning in our house.  I'm not saying that Bath and Body Works candles are the ONLY brand of candles I buy, but I am saying these candles rank at the top of my list for a variety of reasons:
  • Strong scent.  One 3-wick candle will easily fill the entire room with its fragrance.  
  • Great seasonal selection. I love for our home to smell like the current season...because every season really does have its own scent, right? Burning a seasonal candle for the first time just puts me in the mood for that upcoming season.
  • Frequent sales.  Regular price for these candles is $20 each, but they go on sale about once a month {usually 2 for $22}.  If you miss a sale, don't worry...there will be another one soon.  
There are a couple of scents that we burn year-round at our house...

Mahogany Teakwood
A masculine scent, like men's cologne.
A very warm and inviting scent.

Eucalyptus Spearmint
Part of the Aromatherapy line.  Truly relaxing.
ALWAYS have one of these in my bathroom to accompany a bubble bath!

I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit {mainly because I hate the cold!} because I have some great "loves" in mind to share with you for spring/summer!

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  1. Love all three! Rick had to buy the mahogony teakwood after xmas.....