Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rock Chalk: Kansas Beats Baylor

A tinge of anxiety hits me every time my beloved Jayhawks play the Baylor Bears.  Not because I think Baylor is going to beat KU...definitely not the case...but because my mind flashes back to four years ago when I lost a bet associated with this game.  {Don't worry, my Jayhawks won the game...they just didn't quite cover the spread.}

A couple of guys I worked with at Moody's are Baylor alum, and they were always harassing me about my Jayhawk fanaticism (ROCK CHALK!).  They wanted to bet on the KU/Baylor game, but they didn't believe in their team quite like I believe in mine...so a win/lose bet was out of the question. Thus, I {somewhat hesitantly} bet that Kansas would not only win, but also cover the spread.  I'm not so great with bets when spreads are involved because, to me, a win is a win, right?!!? Wrong.  I think the spread for that particular game was 7. KU won by 6.  My Jayhawks won, but I still lost.

The deal: if I lost the bet I had to wear the exact same outfit to work two days in a row. This was a BIG DEAL for a girl who tries to not wear the same outfit twice in one season. I've definitely gotta give them credit for creativity in coming up with the betting stakes.  I followed through and paid my debt, thinking it wouldn't be that big of a deal for our small Dallas office to see me in the same attire two days in a row. Oh, but news travels fast! I'm pretty certain everyone in public finance at Moody's--from San Francisco to New York--knew of the bet I lost and the fashion consequences I suffered.  

All in good fun.  And it was fun(ny)!  {I can say that now...four years later!}

Anyway, knowing all that, I'm sure you can understand why the match-up between KU and Baylor tends to induce a bit of panic for me.  My Jayhawks came through last night with a big win over the Baylor Bears....ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!  A few pics from the game below...

All photo credit goes to KUSports.com.

Embiid, KU basketball, Jayhawk Basketball
Embiid doesn't like those neon yellow uniforms in his space!

Wayne Seldon, Jayhawk basketball
Fans react as Wayne Seldon dives into the crowd to save the ball...
This play made SportsCenter's Top 10 plays,
and one commentator noted it could be the Play of the Year!

Perry Ellis, dunk, Jayhawk basketball
Perry Ellis can fly!
Andrew Wiggins, Bill Self, NCAA Basketball, Jayhawk Basketball
Coach Self having a little chat with Andrew Wiggins.

Perry Ellis, Wayne Seldon, Jayhawk basketball, chest bump
Perry Ellis and Wayne Seldon with a little celebratory chest bump.

If you haven't seen the 26 Billion Pixel Interactive Photo of the crowd showcasing the "I am Crimson. I am Blue. We are Phog." scene from Saturday's game against Oklahoma State, click here to see it now. It's pretty cool to see the fans in color blocks of crimson and blue...and to be able to zoom in to see faces all the way at the top! Gotta love Allen Fieldhouse!

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