Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Breckenridge, Colorado

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a fabulous long weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was a great mini-vacation.  Thank you Chris & Lindsay Shepard {and Wes & Debbie Campbell} for hosting such an awesome getaway!

I don't ski. Period.Dot.Done.  I can't stop without crashing, so there is absolutely no way anyone will convince me to attach skis to my feet ever again.  Never.  It's just not gonna happen.  

Linds and I planned to spend the days with this handsome little guy while everyone else was skiing...
Baby Nais
Baby Nais
...but we were all disappointed when Landon, Kelli and Baby Nais couldn't make the trip to Colorado.

{Let's pause for a moment and let the blog lady without any children teach you something about infants...}  According to most pediatricians, the lungs of babies under three months of age are not mature enough to handle the stress caused by thinner air at high altitudes.  Even babies born at high altitudes (after entire pregnancy at high elevation) often require oxygen for the first couple of weeks of their lives.  With all that said, taking an infant to the very high mountain-resort areas of Colorado is highly discouraged. 

Sooo...as disappointing as it was to everyone, it wasn't worth risking Baby Nais' health by trekking him out to Colorado for a long weekend.  We definitely missed them, but we know he'll be able to make the trip next year.  However, I'm a bit scared that Aunt Lee Lee {me!} might not get to babysit then because his daddy will likely already have him on skis!

Below are some pics from our fun weekend in Colorado...

Our view when we woke up...beautiful snowy Colorado!
Trying out the winter-weather gear....unimpressed!

We dropped the guys off to ski...instructing them to take photos!

Photo courtesy of Ryan's phone
ski lift
Photo courtesy of Ryan's phone 
Ski Breckenridge
Chris looks kinda cold at the very top of the mountain!
ski lift
Photo courtesy of Ryan's phone
Linds was depressed when her champagne was gone.
Successful mimosa brunch!
Linds and I opted to get pedicures while the guys were skiing.
Day 2: prepping to venture out into the cold! 
Making good use of the "Love Finds a Way" koozies
Photographic proof that I was out in the snow!
Chris and Ryan...doin' what they do best!  :)
Linds and Chris
Ryan and Me
Taking the "magic carpet" to the top so we can tube down the mountain 
Love this guy so much!
I captured this pic on the "magic carpet" right before
I lost my balance and nearly caused all of us to fall!
Linds and Me
Standard Bathroom Photo Opp

The end of the day...waiting for some food and Jayhawk basketball!
We had so much fun in Breck! Good times with great friends! Memories that will last forever! 


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