Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Hate to Admit it, but...

I hate to admit it, but...

  • ...I watch soap operas.  Well, kinda.  I DVR "The Young and the Restless" {I think we currently have 42 un-watched episodes saved on the DVR, but my ever-so-patient husband never deletes them}.
Victor Newman, Soap Opera
Who doesn't love all the drama stirred up by Victor Newman?!?
  • ...my husband does 99.8% of the cooking at our house.  {Wait! I don't hate to admit this...I'm over-the-top grateful for this! He's a MUCH better cook than me!}
  • ...I still sleep with my baby blanket...only at home though! Chicky {doesn't everyone's baby blanket have a name???} doesn't travel due to my fear of leaving it behind at a hotel. {sometimes you learn from others' mistakes...thanks, +Ashley Beam!}
Lookin' pretty good for 32.5 years of wear and tear.
  • ...I never "get it" when people quote movies. I can't even remember the plots of movies, let alone the lines.  In fact, my memory tends to lump bits of pieces of several movies into one movie...making it totally impossible for me to participate in movie-related conversations unless the movie at hand is Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Pure Country, 8 Seconds or Legends of the Fall...I've got those down! {perhaps a slight overuse of the word "movie" in this bullet point....sorry!}
  • ...I'm an A-MAZing online shopper.  I guarantee I can find the best price {usually with free shipping} for anything you're looking for! 
some ecards
  • ...I order 10 donut holes rather than a dozen {not to drive the donut shop guy crazy...but because I feel better about myself foregoing those two additional bites}.
  • ...I'm a sucker for those impulse-purchase items strategically placed near the checkout line. Sephora gets me every.single.time.
  • ...sometimes I turn the dryer back on to delay having to fold the laundry. 
  • ...I despise the grocery store. I think I'm afraid of it, actually. I feel like people are targeting the backs of my heels with their carts. 
  • ...I have no problem sleeping in and/or taking naps...ever. 
Lily and I got caught napping!
  • ...I'm slightly behind on my Year of Gratitude project. {Don't worry...I'll catch up...there's no way my Type-A, perfectionist self will let me fail at a project I assigned myself!}
  • ...I cannot shimmy. It's physically impossible for me to do this: 

That's all I can think of for the moment.  I know there are a million more, so there may be a "continuation" of this list sometime in the future.  But for now...what are YOUR guilty pleasures?


  1. We have a subscription to People magazine at my work. It is my guilty pleasure to read it. I also hide gum in my spice cupboard so that no one in my family will eat it (I have learned it's necessary to do that or I will not get a single piece).

  2. Awwwww..... chicky.