Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

This is my first time to participate in a link-up {don't screw this up, Leslie}! I'm a little late to the party {the link-up started last week and closes on Wednesday}...but better late than never, right?!!? I'm thinking this link-up is a perfect place to start because it's a list...and we all know I.LOVE.LISTS!

I have no idea how I stumbled across Holly's blog {the fabulous hostess of this fun little link-up}, but I am glad I did! 


A couple of my previous posts tie into this topic, but since I probably shouldn't be repetitive within my first 60 days of blogging, I'll refrain from including those incredibly interesting bullet points about myself! If you're dying to know more about me {or trying to kill a little time at the office}, you can see those lists here and here.

I'm the kinda girl who...

  • ...drinks Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast every morning.
  • ...will drive around the block just to make sure she closed the garage door.
  • ...bleeds crimson and blue. ROCK CHALK!
  • ...has a lead foot {diagnosis based on driving record}.
  • ...believes the aforementioned lead foot disorder is genetic. {Thanks a lot, Mom/Granddad!}
  • a perfectionist, sometimes to the point it becomes a flaw.
  • ...goes golfing with her husband and never leaves the cart.
  • ...has a hard time saying "no!" but is quick to complain about never having enough time.
  • a bit of a control-freak!
Unlimited Power
  • extremely left-brained {according to this quiz}, but striving to become more creative/crafty!
  • ...talks to her mom
  • best under a tight deadline. {i.e. procrastination is motivation!}
  • ...lives by her Outlook calendar. {If it's not on there, it ain't happenin'!}
  • ...lets her 4-pound dog rule the house. {All hail Princess Lily!}
  • ...worries about something {anything!} all.the.time...including the concern of having misspelled words/improper grammar  in this blog.
  • still learning the ropes of the blogging world. {Advice and/or constructive criticism long as you're nice about it!}
  • ...feels accomplished for participating in a link-up!
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  1. So fun & cute! I happen to find the above mentioned just a few that make you so darn lovable. Next list should include 'big heart' and 'ridiculously cute' but that's just me. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this!! Also, can I just say #1 where is that dress from and #2 I adore your bedding!!

  3. All of these things about my daughter are definitely true. She is an amazing woman.

  4. Yeah! I talk to my mom every day too :)