Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leslie Loves...{1.06}

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we'll start off this week's "Leslie loves..." with something RED!

favorite things

OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish

red nail polish
red nail polish

This is an "oldie but goody!" {OPI introduced this shade in 2000, so it's gotta be considered a "classic" by now!} It's hard to find a good red nail polish--they're either too dark, or too pink, or too...ummm..."working girl-ish," but Big Apple Red is the perfect shade of classic red. You can wear it any time: winter, spring, summer, fall, day, night, work or play.  It seems to be my go-to "holiday" color {Christmas, Valentine's Day, 4th of July}. This just happens to be the color I was wearing when Ryan proposed...thank goodness it made my fingers look pretty to show off the bling!

Aveda Blue Oil

My always-thoughtful husband surprised me with this fabulous find because he thought it might help my headaches. Unfortunately for me, just a few days later I was struck with a bad headache...but it gave me the opportunity to test the "stress relief and tension dissolving" powers of the Aveda Blue Oil.  I wasn't expecting much because I've tried countless remedies to alleviate headaches, but I've never found anything {other than prescription migraine medicine} that truly offers relief...until this!  I can't say that it completely eliminated the headache, but it significantly reduced the pain, making it tolerable to get through the workday.  It provides a tingly, cooling sensation that obviously relieves tension to some degree {enough to  reduce the headache pain...or at least distract me from it}.

headache relief, tension relief, blue oil, aveda

It comes in a small bottle {can easily be carried in the smallest purse or clutch} and has a rollerball applicator.  The rollerball is genius, as it felt like a mini massage when I applied the oil to my temples and the back of my neck.  I'm not good at describing scents, so I referenced the Aveda website to find it has "a balancing aroma of refreshing peppermint and soothing blue camomile." In other words, it smells fresh {not that icky medicinal scent}.  Oh, and I should also note that it didn't leave my skin feeling oily and it goes on clear, no blue-ish tint left on the skin whatsoever.  Aveda Blue Oil is a MUST-HAVE for anyone that suffers from tension or stress headaches. Thank you to my A-MAZing husband for finding this fabulous concoction! 

{Sidenote: Aveda Blue Oil is available anywhere Aveda products are sold, but the links in this post go to Nordstrom because I L.O.V.E. the free shipping policy!}

The Skimm

I sit in front of a computer; new headlines from "USA Today" pop up on my phone at least once per hour...yet sometimes I feel like I'm really behind on what's going on in the world around me.  Well, I used to feel that way until The Lady Okie {a HA-LAR-ious blog, btw} posted about The Skimm, a daily {Monday-Friday} e-mail newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the most important news stories of the day. It's informative, but it's also entertaining. It includes serious topics as well as non-essential social news.  Take today's newsletter for example: I'm now aware that Rand Paul is suing the Obama Administration over the NSA's data collection practices {newsletter provides a link to for more details on the story}...and I also learned that the Tinder app is quite popular among athletes in the Olympic Village {the associated link is to "US Weekly" for full story}. Click here to sign up for the free daily e-newsletter that will keep you in the loop on current events!     


Last week I told you about a follow-up recommendation I got from Arnold Beam after I posted about Make Up For Ever's long-lasting lip color here, so let me share with you "Arnold Adores..." {had to stick with the alliteration trend...and it should probably be "B" words since Beam is her new last name, but she'll always be Arnold to me!}...

Maybelline Superstay 14-Hour Lipstick

Maybelline long-lasting lipstick
Directly quoted from Arnold Beam:
When I decided to try lipstick...I bought the cheapest one.  It's Maybelline 14-hour lipstick. Holy cow, it's amazing! It literally lasts me ALL day, through meals, eating, drinking, etc. And still looks good. I don't know how. For only $6, it's a good cheap option that lasts!  I now have it in three colors, but Enduring Ruby is my favorite. :)  
{Sidenote: I did find it online for $5.99 here, but by the time you factor in shipping, it becomes more expensive than the $6.99 price at Target, Walgreens, etc.}

I haven't had time to try it out myself yet, but I did some research {i.e. blog-stalking for reviews} on the Maybelline Superstay 14-Hour Lipstick, and the general consensus is that this stuff is legit!  Thanks, Arnold Beam, for this recommendation!  Keep 'em coming!


I had one more product included in this week's "Leslie loves..." post, but when I went to add links for you to purchase it, I found that it is completely sold out EVERYWHERE! Not one single site on the entire World Wide Web had it in stock...but, have no fear, it is expected to be back in stock and ready to ship by February 28, so I am just saving it for a couple more weeks! It's a good one...worth the wait, I promise!  


  1. Yes! I love the Skimm! It's so fun and keeps my updated on all the haps.

  2. I rarely paint my nails, but when I do it's always red. Love the OPI nail polish. There, now you are up to two comments. :)

  3. Love the Blue Oil!!! Have been using it since 2000!!!

  4. I need to try the Blue Oil and the lipstick!