Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nais' Dedication

The weekend before last {yes, I know I'm inexcusably behind in my blog posts}, I traveled to Kansas for the weekend.  My precious nephew, Nais, was dedicated at church that Sunday, and I'm so grateful I could be there to share in that special event in his life.  I could type a novel detailing all that took place while I was there, but let's be honest, pics of the lil man are way more fun...

It's a lot of work to be the center of attention!
Getting to be a lil fat toad!  Love him so much!
Aunt Lee Lee and the Mini Jayhawk
Lookin' sooooooo much like Daddy!
Not real sure what to think of the bumbo! Such a big guy!
Love watching Landon with his son...such a good daddy!
Family Pic for Nais' Dedication Sunday
Only the cutest lil snowflake EVER!
The Lukens side of the family at church for Nais' dedication
Leslie, Landon, Nais, Kelli, Ted, Vickie & Tracy