Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Song of the Day

Sundy Best: Until I Met You

This past Sunday morning I woke up to the following text from my incredibly-thoughtful husband:
Song of the Day: Sundy Best, 'Until I Met You.' Thank you for bringing out the best in me. I am truly in a great place right now. I have you to thank for everything. I love you to the moon and back.
Ummm...seriously? How sweet is that? I read it at least three times and just laid there with tears in my eyes {remember...I'm super emotional/sentimental like that...don't judge!} I pulled myself together and responded to his text to let him know he'd totally made my day. I hadn't even listened to the song yet...but it was the thought that counted. It could have been the worst song on the planet, but I still would have loved it just because of the sweet message that came along with it.

Turns out, it's a really great song. {Just a forewarning: the song is better than the video, so if you get tired of watching, just listen!}

Although it took everything in me, I was able to overlook the University of Kentucky plug at the end of the video {the UK emblem on the street number}...everyone has their faults! :)

Sundy Best {a duo from Lexington, Kentucky} has a few videos on CMT, and satellite radio {SiriusXM Channel 59, The Highway} has recently started playing "Until I Met You." I love love love when I {Ryan} find{s} a fabulous song that's not overly-played on the radio {yet}, and I thought you might like this one too! Enjoy!


  1. What a sweetheart!! You are a lucky lady!

  2. jaw dropped when I read this....I'm making my husband read this post so he can catch up! haha jk but that is fabulous (I would have cried too) :)

  3. P.S. I just emailed you at: Let me know if you didn't get it.