Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Two posts in one day? Don't get used to it. Ha. BUT...I've had so much fun linking-up with the fabulous "Five on Friday" girls the past few weeks, I just couldn't bare to skip a week! With all that said, I am linking-up with April {A.Liz Adventures}, Christina {North Carolina Charm}, Darci {The Good Life} and Natasha {Hello! Happiness} to share with you five recent and/or upcoming happenings in my life.

5 on Friday, Blog Link-up

One: Vic's Visit

My mom came to visit last weekend...L.O.V.E. when she's in town! The weather wasn't exactly what she was hoping for in Dallas {the lady LOVES to sit on a patio}, but we still had a great weekend!  

In the pic above, we're headed to the bar {at 11:00 am} to meet Darcy and watch our beloved Jayhawks. The game didn't turn out so well, but we still bleed crimson & blue and will be loyal Jayhawks FOR-EV-ER!

And did I mention she might have done a few loads of laundry while she was here?!!? Ahhh...never too old to be taken care of by your momma! 

Two: Adventures at the Antique Mall

We spent a substantial amount of time wandering around a HUGE antique mall last Saturday...but it was worth it for the pieces of furniture we found that fit perfectly in our home. {More details and photos coming soon!

You'd be surprised at some of the fabulous finds in an antique mall...but you've got to be patient and willing to look past some junk clutter "stuff" {not exactly my strong suit}.

Three: Kathryn's Baby Shower

Rachael and I are flying to Kansas City tomorrow to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby ??? Ashley! Kathryn and Mike {Baby Ashley's parents} aren't finding out if it's a boy or girl until he/she arrives...I just don't understand how they're not going C.R.A.Z.Y. not knowing the sex of their lil' bundle of joy! Anyway, since the Mommy-to-be hasn't exactly flooded social media with baby bump photos, I'm planning to snap a few tomorrow! Look for pics from the baby shower next week!

Four: Landscaping

Our yard needs some work to say the least. All of the existing landscaping next to our house was completely destroyed when we had to replace the pipes last fall, so we currently have brown dirt and ugly leaves between the circle driveway and the house. We had some landscape designers come out earlier this week, and then we received their plans and sketches last night. I'm not good with visualizing things that don't already exist. I need a color image of what it's going to look like when it's done. The photo below does nothing for me...except inform me that this is going to be a pricey project. 

All I want is lush, green grass and bright, pretty flowers...who knew this was so complex???

Five: Easter Decor

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter around our house. Now that I actually have a home to decorate, it's fun to begin collecting decorations for various holidays.

Lantern filled with Easter eggs

Have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Awww that's nice that you got to spend the weekend with your mom! And I love the lipstick that you're wearing in the first photo!

  2. Loving that cute Easter decor, hun! And Moms=happiness! Xx.

  3. Fun!! My mom is coming this weekend. Where is the antique mall? I love browsing them all.

  4. I really don't decorate Easter... or many holidays, really. Maybe when I get a house? I don't know. haha :)

  5. I had a fabulous weekend in Dallas. Always enjoy weekends with my children.