Monday, March 3, 2014

Him and Her

Engagement Photo, McGowan Images, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
Photo Credit: McGowan Images

Him: 1983
Her: 1981

Him: Diamond
Her: Sapphire

Him: Golf Professional
Her: Financial Analyst

Him: Cooks
Her: Cleans

Him: Excursions
Her: R&R

Him: Baby Blues
Her: Brown-eyed Girl

Him: Spontaneous
Her: Planner

Him: Left-handed
Her: Right-handed

Him: Orange
Her: Watermelon
{but I know his is really watermelon...he just forgets bc it's currently out of season}

Him: Patient
Her: Anxious

Him: Out Cold
Her: Dirty Dancing

Him: Pickle Juice Martini
Her: Champagne

I've seen posts similar to this floating around several blogs recently, but I think the original source of inspiration was Harley & Jane. Thanks for the fun idea!

Photo Credit: McGowan Images

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  1. Oh this is so fabulous! I may have to totally do this same post next week and link back to yours! xoxo so fun!