Thursday, March 20, 2014

Leslie Loves...{1.10}

Spring has sprung!  No, marks the first day of spring...and I might be just a little excited about it! Soooo..."Leslie Loves..." is going to celebrate the new season with a few fabulous scents to welcome the warmer weather! {Check out other spring essentials in the "Leslie Loves...{1.07}" post.}

Flora by Gucci--Gorgeous Gardenia

spring perfume, summer scent,

A light floral scent...perfect for warmer weather! It's very fresh and feminine! I wore this last spring/summer and got lots of compliments. Definitely re-purchasing this year. 

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum

Tory Burch signed a collaboration deal with Estee Lauder in 2011 to create a makeup line and beauty collection, but the products weren't launched until late 2013. I haven't tried any of the makeup, but I am in L.O.V.E. with this perfume. It's got a hint of citrus, which makes it crisp...but then there's the soft scents of jasmine and sandalwood, too.  According to Burch herself, "it's a mix of tomboy and feminine." I can't imagine anything more fitting for spring/summer!

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo

Summer Scent, Spring Perfume, Nordstrom

This is a recommendation from my BFF, Rachael...and we're pretty much the same, so it gets classified as a "Leslie Loves..." product. {Plus, I can't think of an "R" word that means favorite/love/obsession/etc. at this moment. MUST.STICK.WITH.ALLITERATION. I guess we could use a "G" word to go with Gonzalez...but I can't think of any "G" words either.  Any ideas???}

This is a brand new scent, just released in February for Spring/Summer 2014. Salvatore Ferragamo says,
"This new elegant fragrance features top notes of pear and grapefruit, middle notes of almond and osmanthus and ends with top notes of leather and patchouli." 
Ummm...whatever that means. {Sorry I don't comprehend the language of fragrance, Salvy.} BUT...thank goodness, Rachael speaks in terms I do understand, so I can relay to you the points that she made {or just copy and paste our recent IM conversation}:
  • It's very feminine, with a floral hint, perfect for spring.
  • I kind of find it to be a sexy scent as well...perfect for a date night.
  • It's an elegant scent.
This all makes sense because all of the research I did indicated Salvy is trying to reach a more mature demographic with this scent {"We're really looking at a woman 25 to 30 to 35 years old..."}. WTH?!!? Now I'm classified at the upper end of the "more mature" audience?!!? I really prefer the marketing schemes that classify me as a "young professional," but whatever...I guess I should be grateful I'm not obsessing over scents advertised in "Seventeen" magazine.  But then again, that might be a little easier on my pocketbook {who even says 'pocketbook' these days???}. Enough with the ranting. Just try the perfume. 

Michael Kors Eau de Parfum

Signature Scent, year-round perfume, Sephora

I couldn't write an entire post about perfume without including my go-to favorite, Michael Kors' signature scent. This is my ole' faithful, the one I always go back to, my "classic" scent. It's not necessarily a spring/summer works year-round.'s great in the summer because you can pair it with the fabulous leg shine {more details in the "Leslie Loves...{1.07}" post}. This is a very fresh and clean scent...the perfect mix of cool and warmth.

Spring/Summer Scents for the Home

My favorite candles {see the "Leslie Loves...{1.03}" post} are not currently on sale at Bath & Body Works {remember, I told you these candles go on sale about once per month!}, but the Wallflowers that come in the same scents ARE on sale! Thus, I'll show my favorites in terms of Wallflower scents for now, but the ones I am noting are also available in candle-form. {There are some pretty fabulous wallflower scents that don't come in candle-form, but I guess I'll save that for another day!

Bath & Body Works, Spring Scent, Summer Scent

Lilac Blossom: Soft floral scent
Spring: Clean scent of rain and open-air with a touch of floral fragrance 
Oceanside: Mostly a fresh/clean scent, but it has a trace of fruity aroma {citrus/melon}

The Lilac Blossom and Oceanside scents are also available in room spray {but you might need a koozie or some sort of can-cover for the Oceanside room spray because that can is NOT.PRETTY!}

Happy Spring!

Hope ya'll are getting some nice weather to celebrate opening day of spring! 

Oh! And please don't forget to tell me what you think of any {current or past} "Leslie loves..." products!


  1. Happy Spring indeed- these are fabulous and to be honest I really need a couple new scents. I've always had my go to 3 of clinique happy, chanel chance (and the green one!) and ready for it? don't laugh...does anyone remember cool waters??? haha I might be the only one who buys it (so 90's)

  2. How about Rachael Recommends? And I'm embarrassed to say how many bottles of perfume I have in my bedroom. I have a slight obsession!

  3. I just bought Flora by Gucci! I'm going to give it a try. I love gardenia

  4. Love Michael Kors! I need a new bottle.