Saturday, March 8, 2014

Leslie Loves...{1.09}

You get a BONUS "Leslie loves..." post this week because "that product" that I've been so excited to tell you about is finally available! 

Click N Curl Round Brush Set

I think we've already established there's really nothing I dislike more than washing/drying/styling my hair {think back to the "Leslie loves..." post about dry shampoo}, but this little gem has made the task a whole lot easier/quicker!

blow drying hair, styling hair

My life would be soooo much easier if I could just go to DryBar every time my hair needs washed, but since that isn't exactly practical, I've decided the Click N Curl is the next best option. The Click N Curl set essentially turns a round brush into a hot roller, resulting in lots of volume {L.O.V.E. me some Big Texas Hair!} and style that lasts throughout the day {multiple days if you're like me and stretch as many days as possible between washes}.

The initial set comes with six round styling brushes {you can choose from three sizes; the above photo in purple is medium} and a detachable handle. You can also buy an "add-on set" with four more brushes. {I purchased both in the medium size and always use all 10 brushes for my hair.

The photos below show that even I am capable of maneuvering the Click N Curl brushes! The middle photo is right after I removed the brushes {seriously Big Texas Hair!} and the far right photo is after I'd calmed it a bit. No curling iron, no straightener...only the round brushes and my blow dryer.

Hair, Blowout Blow Dry, Hair, Hair, Blow Dry, Style

I've included a video at the bottom of this post that shows "Tips & Tricks" from the Click N Curl creator, but here are a few lessons I've learned:
  • It's easiest to start the round brush process when your hair is about 90% dry. If it's too wet, you'll spend a lot of time drying each section with the round brush before you detach the handle to let the brush cool and the volume/curl set.
  • Start with the top/crown of your hair and work down. 
  • For the bottom layer of hair {near your neck}, be sure to pull your hair up and roll the brush down into your scalp.  If you roll it upwards, the brush doesn't stay in as well.
  • The longer you can let the brushes set after you've blasted them with hot air from the blow dryer, the better. I usually put my makeup on while the brushes are cooling, which seems to be sufficient time for my hair to "set."
And here are a few words of wisdom from the inventor herself:

I'm telling you, this product has seriously simplified the whole blow-drying/styling process for me. The Click N Curl set cuts my blow-dry time in half. No joke. If you dread washing your hair because of the time and energy it takes to style it, I'm pretty sure you're going to L.O.V.E. the Click N Curl as much as I do!

Why didn't I think of this?!!?


  1. If I had a blog (which I don't) I would probably have an installment called Sarah Suggests. At that time I would suggest you purchase the Buttercup blow dryer from Dry Bar to use with these cute brush roller things. If I could make out with my Buttercup I would.

    1. I think you should start a blog, Sarah! I'd definitely follow!

      So the Buttercup blow dryer is really worth $190, huh? I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the rec!

    2. Don't judge me but I'm an avid QVC shopper! I got it there and I think it was $169, came with a brush, 4 clips, shampoo and conditioner. I have a crap ton of hair so yes the Buttercup is worth me anyway!

  2. Ok Les... I am going for it... I am not sure this will tack the "hair pirates" we encountered in Mexico but its worth a shot :)


  3. Soooo....I just tried mine this morning. Here is my list to explain how I feel about this AWESOME product!!

    1. I have a ton of hair, so I washed mine the night before. This morning it took me like ten min., to roll my hair. All I had to do was wet the hair, spray and Click N Curl away .

    2. Super EASY!! I loved that my arms didn't get tired from rolling all my hair.

    3. My hair had some great volume, when I took them out.

    4. Thank you, for finding this great product Les!

    5. These make fixing my hair super easy and less stressful. Now wont put my hair up in ponytail or bun anymore for work!

    Love you!