Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello, April!

What?!!? You're telling me it's April??? Where did March go? Wait...now that I'm thinking about it, what happened to January and February? The first quarter of the year is gone, and I'm still having trouble remembering to write 2014 as the year. I guess I need to snap out of denial mode and just accept that "time flies when you're having fun!"  Soooo...

cherry blossoms, Welcome April

I just opened my Outlook calendar to see what we have going on in April...and it's looking to be another busy {but good!} month! Lots of birthday celebrations {including the husband's}, a couple of work trips, Easter {hopefully to be spent in Kansas}...so much to look forward to!

April showers bring May flowers!

...but let's not hurry April along any too soon!


  1. Work trips to NY?!! Haha! Wouldn't that be fun! But it's not very warm here yet so I hope you have better luck and are traveling someplace nice and warm!

  2. Seriously, where did March go?! I love this time of year though (spring and fall-not sweaty summer haha)

  3. Time is flying! My birthday is on the 6th. I get to see George in Tulsa on the 19th and then I get a week of vacation starting on the 21st. Yay for April!