Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kathryn's Baby Shower

Baby A is on the way!

{the above statement has to be in green bc we don't know if it's a boy or girl...not that it's making me crazy or anything!!!}

On Saturday, March 29, Rachael and I flew to Kansas City to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Ashley! 

A little in-flight toast to Baby Ashley!

And then Mike {the daddy-to-be} had these little cocktails waiting when he picked us up at the airport:

Kathryn{the momma-to-be} looks A-MAZ-ing, does she not?

Below are a few pics to document Kathryn & Baby Ashley's shower...

The teacups in the middle of the table had very special meaning...
They belonged to Kathryn's great grandmother.

Kathryn & Mike with the grandmas-to-be
Jeannette {Kathryn's mom}, Kathryn and Debbie {Mike's mom}
The shower hostesses & the mommy-to-be
Sarah, Kathryn, Staci & Megan

And then Mike showed up with flowers { sweet!} and a letter that he and Kathryn had written to Baby Ashley....

Kathryn couldn't even get through "Dear Baby A..."
before she handed the letter over to Mike to read 

Waterworks from the Dallas friends...shocking!

 A bassinet from Mimi and the Reintjes aunts...

Doing my duty as the gift recorder
All kinds of bedtime stories from the shower hostesses

We can't wait for Baby Ashley's arrival in May! 
{at least we'll finally know if it's a boy or girl! ;)}


  1. eee!! So exciting and so dang cute! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. I like your blog! I was nominated for the Liebster Award, so in order to share the love… I have nominated YOU! You can check it out here Congrats!