Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{Memorial} Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend...as I've come to realize nearly all of my weekends are these days...but it was a fabulously busy weekend!

The weekend started off with an event at Ryan's "office" on Friday evening.

The husband...just doing his thing.
The husband's "office"...
Sure beats my view of spreadsheets that go on for days and days!

I got up early on Saturday morning and once again headed north to Kansas...this time for Miss Lindsay's bridal shower!

Maid of Honor {Blair Donovan} and Bride-to-Be {Lindsay Donovan}
Lindsay {the bride-to-be}, Leslie and Blair
Rhonda, Blair, Lindsay, Leslie and Vickie
A photo opp with our moms...

I seriously can't believe how much this precious lil punkin' had changed in JUST.ONE.WEEK...{Sorry for the photo quality...iPhone pics are great and all, but babies move fast!}

Is he not the sweetest little jailbird you've ever seen?!!?

My mom captured these adorable pics of Nais and Lily just before Nais decided he wanted to hold on tight to Lily's ear while she tried to get away.  Needless to say, the little diva dog is now a little apprehensive of hanging out with Baby Nais. She'll get over it though, and they'll be best buddies...until he starts running/chasing her! Haha.... 
boy and his dog, best friends

And that's all I've got in the form of pictures. We made the rounds to place fresh flowers on the graves of the loved ones we've lost. It's always so bittersweet...the sadness of no longer having those special people around, but the joy of all the wonderful memories from the past. I'm very grateful I was able to spend Memorial Weekend with my family in Kansas...a fabulous beginning to Summer 2014!


  1. Looks like a great weekend- I need to golf for one (its been forever) love seeing that little babe- I told my husband when you posted that pic "Look at this little MAN baby!" hahaha so cute! ps you look great at the shower girl! xoxo

  2. Such a great weekend!! The little babe is so cute!!

  3. Looks a great weekend! That little baby is adorable! It sure is crazy how much they change in a aweek! I always say the same thing when I visit my girlfriend that just had a baby!