Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer in a Cup

Welcome back to Day 3 of our Summer Kick Off blog series! I still can't believe that Memorial Day is just a few days away...but, let me tell you, this girl is beyond ready for a three-day weekend! A three-day weekend that marks the beginning of ultimate favorite season! OK, enough from me...

Meet Susan from 2 Cats and Chloe

Let's talk a little bit about Suz. The girl has some serious creative skills {she owns her own wedding and party coordination business...AND also has a job in marketing!}. She's a newlywed {her wedding was one week after mine!} who loves to travel and thrives on adventure! And she's got a fabulous recipe for the perfect summer concoction...Summer in a Cup! Before you head over to 2 Cats and Chloe to get the details on this refreshing summer cocktail, get to know Susan a little better through her responses to my awesomely interesting questions...

Do you prefer the beach or pool?

I prefer the river!! {And after you stop by my blog for a visit on the river today, I'm sure you will agree!}

Which beauty product is your skin’s best friend during the summer heat?

I will be the first to admit that my skin regimen {or lack thereof} would probably terrify each and every one of you!  Yet somehow my skin stays clear and fresh - thank goodness!  That being said, I will not use makeup that does not have some sort of SPF in it.  I'm a huge fan of pur minerals powder and concealer during the summer.  With the humidity and mugginess in my part of the country, this makeup feels light weight and handles well in the summer elements.  

Name one piece of clothing you think every girl should own to properly dress for the long, hot days of summer.

Does a hat count?  I'm a sucker for summer hats.  I feel like they can really dress up normal, plain-jane outfits.  Match a fun hat with a simple tank and you're set to go out on the town, to an afternoon ballgame or even the beach!  

Favorite summertime anthem? 

You're going to think I'm such a redneck based on my answer {I promise I'm not!}, but one of my favorite summer songs is "Redneck Neck Yacht Club."  In the middle of winter, this song will take me straight to summer memories of tying our pontoon boat, fishing boat, and jet skis together in the middle of the river... half of us drinking and grilling out on the pontoon while the other half is reeling in the catch of the day off the back of the fishing boat.  Good times!

Recommendations for summer reads?

One of my favorite summer reads is No Touch Monkeyby Ayun Halliday.  I am addicted to traveling and sarcasm, which both encompass this book.  Her witty travel adventures will definitely have you laughing out loud!

A little message from Susan...

And now that I've talked so much about the river - I want to personally invite y'all to all join me for a festive summery beverage on the dock at my family's cottage today! Unfortunately, I cannot afford to fly each and every one of Leslie's awesome readers to Carolina - so we will just have to have this little shindig virtually!  Grab your sunglasses and cute summer hats, then get your booties over to 2 Cats & Chloe  to kick off summer with me on the Perquimans River!

In case you're late to the game {where have you been all week???}, here's what you've missed:
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I hope you'll come back tomorrow to get some summer insight from Lesley {The Dream Tree}.

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