Monday, June 2, 2014

17 Life Lessons from George Strait

It's almost here! That day I've been anxiously awaiting yet somewhat dreading...George Strait will play his final show at Cowboys Stadium this weekend. To gear up for the last stop on The Cowboy Rides Away tour, I've made a list of a few life lessons I've learned from King George's lyrics....

One: Things happen when you least expect them to. {Blue Clear Sky}

Two: Life is better when shared with someone. {Living and Living Well}

Three: A parent's love is unconditional. {Love Without End, Amen}

Four: You don't know what you've got until it's gone. {You Look So Good In Love; I'd Like to Have That One Back}

Five: Sometimes pick-up lines really do work. {The Chair}

Life Lessons from George Strait

Six: Take a chance; go outside your comfort zone. {The Nerve}

Seven: Quality is greater than quantity. {The Breaths You Take}  

Eight: Think before you speak. {Famous Last Words of a Fool}

Nine:  You only live once. {Here For a Good Time}

Ten: There's no place like home. {Heartland}

Eleven:  Don't be gullible. {Ocean Front Property}

Life Lessons from George Strait

Twelve: Don't let your pride get in the way. {If I Know Me}

Thirteen: Live for/in the moment. {Give It All We Got Tonight}

Fourteen: Your mom can solve any problem. {So Much Like My Dad}

Fifteen: Age is just a number. {Troubadour}

Sixteen: Miracles are all around us. {I Saw God Today}

Seventeen: The last goodbye is the hardest one to say. {The Cowboy Rides Away}

Life Lessons from George Strait

Thanks for the wisdom, GS! 

And here's to a fabulous final show full of phenomenal country music on June 7!


  1. I am so sad about this!! Are you going to his last show? He really does always have the best things to say! So glad you listed these out!!

  2. Pretty cool!

  3. A girl after my own heart! George was my first concert in 2nd grade--which then led to a full-blown Pure Country obsession, ha! I've seen him so many times since and he just never disappoints...the BEST! Enjoy the show!!!

  4. I remember the first time that you saw GS in concert. He is truly a legend.

  5. This is too fun!! I agree with all his life lessons!!

  6. Oh I do love some George! It's so sad that that will be his last tour! Thanks so much for linking up today for the let's be friends blog hop!

  7. Love this!! So excited about Saturday!!!

  8. OMG are you going to the final show?!?!if so I am SO jealous!! GS is the MAN. Love this post and I am so excited to get to know you better as well!!

  9. Oh my gosh! I LOOOOOVE this! You really couldn't be any cuter! You really couldn't! AND you do really have great taste in music too ;)

  10. I love this! I love George! I hope you have an amazing time!! :)

  11. Totally awesome! King George will reign forever! I'm hoping that some television station will buy the rights and broadcast the concert for those not lucky enough to see this final show.