Friday, June 13, 2014

A Great Big Giveaway...Plus Other Important Stuff

Per the usual Friday post, I am linking-up with April {A.Liz Adventures}, Christina {North Carolina Charm}, Darci {The Good Life} and Natasha {Hello! Happiness} to tell you about five things currently going on in my world!

One: $200 PayPal Cash Giveaway

Who doesn't love cold hard PayPal cash...especially to the tune of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?!!?  I've teamed up with some fabulous ladies to host this awesome giveaway, and I am beyond excited about it! Meet your hostesses...

From left to right: Rebekah at A Girl Awake // Gretchen at That Mama Gretchen // Anne at Love the Here and Now// Kasi at Birch Juice  // Meagan at All The Joys  // Beverly at Halfway to Fearless // Logan at Logan Can // Leslie at Martin Manifesto // Jamie at The Growing Up Diaries // Mandy at A Sorta Fairytale // Rebekah at Lipstick and Lullabies

All you need to do is go visit the other bloggers who helped make this giveaway possible and show 'em some love! Use the handy-dandy rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Two: Father's Day

I am so incredibly thankful for the close relationship I have with my dad. He's been an amazing role model my entire life and has paved the way for me to achieve my own successes. When someone tells me I'm a lot like my dad, I take that as a genuine compliment. I've found his unwavering drive and perfectionist tendencies to be my best attributes at times while being my biggest flaws at other times. Thank you, Dad, for helping to mold me into the person I am today!  Happy Father's Day...I love you!

This is the first year I've had a father-in-law to celebrate on Father's Day. I'm very grateful for Ryan's dad, Brock. He and JoAnn {Ryan's sweet mom} raised a son that I adore and am blessed to call my husband. I'm thankful to have joined such a great family.  Happy Father's Day, Brock!

My Granddad. He may be a man of few words, but he's also the most honest, genuine, hard-working, loyal man I know. Happy Father's Day, Granddad!

I'm excited for my brother to celebrate his first Father's Day as a dad. Watching my "baby brother" interact with his own baby has been pretty incredible. He's an amazing dad! It's so obvious to see the joy that Nais has brought into his life. Happy 1st Father's Day, Landon!

Three: Miranda Lambert

Have you seen the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?

Or these photos?

Holy hottness! I'm obsessed. Although I've never been motivated to work out in my entire life, I've now found my inspiration/motivation. 

Four: Rachael's Birthday

My BFF turned 31 on Wednesday {June 11}, so we had a quick little celebratory dinner {Mexican food, of course!}.

Left Photo: Bree, Rachael & Me; Right Photo: Tina & Rachael

Lil Midget Max. It's not that he didn't L.O.V.E. the cupcake,
he was just angry that his momma took away his Bubble Guppies movie!
"Terrible Twos" a bit early?!!?

Five: Texas Necklace

Speaking of Rachael, she surprised me last weekend with this fabulous Texas necklace. 

Gypsy Wagon Jewelry
Texas Necklace from The Gypsy Wagon
Similar versions here

She says it's a "thank you for coordinating everything GS concert related" gift. Although it was absolutely unnecessary and totally unexpected, I love love love it! {Thank you, Rachael, for the awesome thank you gift!} She has one too, and we both wore them to the BEST.CONCERT.EVER, so I guess it's kinda like our version of a BFF necklace.   

Thanks for stopping by for my "Five on Friday!"

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What an awesome tribute to the men in your life that are "dads". 4 very special people. Also, you found a very special friend when you met Rachael. Love her.

  2. What a sweet and precious post about all of your dads :). And loving those Miranda Lambert dang!!! Love her. Xx.

  3. Miranda Lambert looks amazing, a little Jessica Simpson like circa 2003!! Love all the wedding photos!! Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

  4. Aw you and your dad sound like you have an awesome relationship! Also, his mustache is amazing. And damn Miranda Lambert looks awesome! Reminds me of when Jessica Simpson got so in shape for her role in Dukes of Hazard. :) Totally motivational!

  5. I love that necklace! So pretty! I hope you have a fabulous Father's Day weekend! Xo

  6. Yeah, that's some pretty awesome workout motivation! I would kill for some legs like that! June 11th is a pretty awesome day for Birthday celebrations if I must say so myself ;) Have a great weekend!

  7. Girl, now I have even more motivation for working out for the wedding. Love your pictures of your family for Father's Day. And love your Texas necklace. Have a great weekend! xo

  8. You are gorgeous!! I loved seeing your pictures. And speaking of gorgeous women ...You just gotta love Miranda!

  9. Wow! That's an awesome giveaway! I hope I win :) Love the photos of your dad, father-in-law, grandfather! And I LOVE that necklace...I need one!

  10. Poor Max, I feel the same way when someone eats my chocolate. Your grandad looks sweet, mine is the same way & I love him to pieces. Aww, your brother and his baby are so cute! I hope your having a great Friday!

  11. Your wedding photos are gorgeous - beautiful tribute to the fathers in your life!! So excited to be part of this giveaway with you! Have a great weekend!

  12. What a sweet blog post!! I love the Father's Day shout outs...SO SWEET!!! Also, thank you, so much for making my b-day extra special! I will consider our Texas necklace as our version of BFF necklace, after all we did meet in Texas!! I love you !!

  13. Love those sweet pictures with your dad :) :)'s hard to beat a good dad hug!

  14. Oooh I LOVE that necklace! I'm off to hunt down a Michigan one on Etsy :) And thanks for hosting an amazing giveaway!

  15. Great giveaway and great photos with Dad!!! (and yes Miranda is lookin' so dang good there!)

  16. Gotta love Miranda. She's so pretty. Speaking of, you look stunning in your wedding dress! So pretty.