Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday

It's been a busy week! A good busy week though! Summer is in full love love the warm {hot!} weather! The "Five on Friday" link-up is taking a summer break, but I'm a creature of habit and really like posting about five things going on in my life each Friday, and so it continues in my world...

One: Livin' on Tulsa Time

I've been in Tulsa since Wednesday for work meetings. It's been a good trip...I work with some pretty fabulous {and brilliant} people...but I'm ready to go home!

City of Tulsa

Two: The NBA Draft

I've gotta give shoutouts to my beloved Jayhawks who were drafted last the FIRST and THIRD picks overall!  CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Wiggins, #1 pick and going to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  And another big CONGRATS to Joel Embiid, #3 pick and headed to Philadelphia to play for the 76ers! So proud {as always!} to be a Kansas Jayhawk! ROCK CHALK!

Kansas Jayhawks in NBA Draft,

Three: Weekend Visitors

My sister-in-law, Kelli, has meetings in the Dallas-area this weekend...and guess who she's bringing with her! Only the cutest nephew on the planet! I'm so excited and literally can't wait to see this lil guy and his mommy...

Nais...I love him just a little bit!

Nais and his mommy {Kelli}

Abbey is playing in some important golf event next week in Dallas, so she's coming down early to work with Ryan and play some practice rounds. I'm super excited that she's bringing her sister {my BFF} with her! Yay for having Lindsay and Abbey staying with us for the next few days!

Abbey & Lindsay

Four: Work, Work, Work...

Lil Midget Max has been really busy this week...responding to emails and surfing the internet. How flippin' cute is this pic?

Sure makes this godmother proud! I'm in search of a BIG calculator...gotta get him started on 10-key training soon!

Five: Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is obviously trying to make a B.I.G. {heavy} statement with their recent 11.6-pound shipment of catalogs. Yes, I weighed it.  11.6 pounds. No joke. AND it was shipped via UPS. I can't imagine how much it must have cost to send out these pretty lil gems...

Maybe one of these days I'll find the time to browse through this stack of novels.

Thanks for stopping by for my "Five on Friday!"

Have a great weekend!


  1. So excited for you & Ryan to host these very special people. Give Nais a hug from "Grammy".

  2. How fun to have a weekend full of visitors! Hope you guys have a great weekend! And how could you not love RH?! I am obsessed!!

  3. Have fun with all your guests in town, looks like it will be a fun weekend!

  4. Aww have fun with your little nephew this weekend! He's adorable!!!

  5. Yay for going home and for having visitors! Sounds like fun! Have a good weekend!

  6. All of these pictures of the wee ones are so cute! What do you do for a livin?