Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A to Z

I first saw this type of post on Erin's blog {Living in Yellow} and decided I wanted to "borrow" her idea. {Hopefully she believes "imitation is the best form of flattery!"} I didn't realize it would take me weeks {literally} to come up with self-descriptors for each letter of the alphabet.

Leslie Lukens, Leslie Martin

A:  Austin, Texas - my home from 2005 -2008 {grad school}. 

B:  Bond Girl - specifically credit analysis of municipal bonds. It's what I do for a living.

C:  Cake - quite possibly my favorite food on the planet...or chips & salsa, which also begins with C, so I'll go with both!  Oh...and I also love champagne!

D:  Dorothy - what people in Texas think my name is..."You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!"

Toto, Halloween Costume, Kansas
Halloween a few years back...
Lily was the perfect Toto!

E:  Economics - one of my undergraduate degrees.

F:  Farming - the source of my supplemental income.

John Deere, combine, cutting wheat, farming
Riding the combine with my brother during wheat harvest

G:  George Strait - my all-time favorite entertainer. Since I was born...till the day I die!

H:  Hot Tamales {the candy} - my longest-lasting addiction...CAN'T.GET.OVER.IT! We're talking 20 years. I've even been known to refer to these lil cinnamon treats as "medicine."


I:  Ink {as in tattoos} - I have two!

J:  Jo - my middle name.

K:  Kansas - home sweet home.

L:  Lily - the 5-pound diva that rules our house. {see more about her here}

M:  Macaroni & Cheese - one thing I'm actually good at making...not the box kind. I'm legit when it comes to mac & cheese.

N:  Nashville - my favorite TV show. 

O:  Overload - what I tend to do to my schedule/calendar.

P:  Pizza - my preferred meal on Sunday nights {or any morning following a night that involves cocktails!}

Q:  Quantify - what I try to do to anything and everything. I'm just a numbers girl!

R:  Ryan - my husband, the love of my life, my best friend.

S:  Sorority - I was an Alpha Chi Omega back in the day. {It hurts to calculate how many years I've been out of college!}

T:  Traffic - my worst enemy. It makes me wish I could be in a demolition derby...except my car is the only one that moves in my vision of a demolition derby. 

U:  Unmade - how I leave our bed most mornings. {Shhh! Don't tell my mom...she'd be so disappointed!}

V:  Vision - 20/20...thanks to LASIK, the Best.Investment.Ever!

W:  Watermelon - my favorite fruit...and one of my favorite lines from Baby in Dirty Dancing.

"I carried a watermelon."

X:  XOXO - hugs and kisses to anyone still reading this useless information about me!

Y:  Yellow - my favorite color for summer!

Z:  Zulily - a website in which I spend too much time and/or money. It's not just for moms and babes. Believe me.


  1. Love this idea! Chips and salsa are one of my all-time faves too...and our 4 pound dog rules our house so I understand that :)

  2. This is fun! It pains me to admit how long I've been out of college too... tear.

  3. Such a fun post!! I actually worked as muni bond trader for two years before my current job!! I get zulily emails every day - but have yet to buy anything on there!!

  4. You are so dang adorable! I must agree with C all the way and F, G & W as well!! :) xoxo

  5. Jealous you lived in Austin :) We're thinking about moving there! Loved learning more about you! Love all of your C's!

  6. I was wondering where you were. This is great! After all those award posts I thought I knew so much about you but you came up with more little fun facts! Your too cute! Austin is on my list of places to visit and you may be my travel agent - just saying! :)

  7. This is so great! I may have to snag the idea. I love learning little odds and ends about my favorite bloggers! :)

  8. Love this idea! Cake and Champagne, I'm with you all the way! PS I haven't forgotten about the Sunshine award, I'm just slow. . . . really slow!

  9. Fun and funny! I tend to overload my schedule too! Love all your words/answers and learning more about you! :)

  10. I haven't gotten brave enough to do lasik yet, but being able to see perfectly sounds so awesome. :) And George Strait is pretty amazing!

  11. I am not sure how I missed commenting on this blog until now but it is great. Pretty much sums up the interesting qualities (except for the unmade bed) of Leslie Jo Lukens Martin.