Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Song lyrics tend to be my preferred method for relating to the world. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I truly believe there's a song lyric that describes any and every situation you could ever find yourself in. I heard Florida Georgia Line's new song, Dirt, the other day on my way to work, and all I could think of was "home"....good 'ole Medicine Lodge, Kansas, red dirt and all.

"It's that elm shade, red rust clay you grew up on
That plowed up ground that your dad damned his luck on
That post-game party field you circled up on
And when it rains you get stuck on"

As with all the previous Florida Georgia Line songs, I'm sure this one will be played 24/7 on the radio until I get tired of it, but for now I'm love love loving it!


  1. I just heard that song for the first time yesterday, LOVE it! I kept thinking the lyrics were perfect and reminded me of home!

  2. I love this song!! But you are so right about the radio..we have to enjoy it while we can!

  3. Although I wasn't raised on red dirt clay, more like rich, black silty clay loam, but the sentiment is the same! This is quickly becoming my favorite FGL song, not just because of the content but it's not overly 'commercialized' yet...

  4. First time I heard this song...I love it!
    They have the catchiest songs!

  5. ditto and amen to your first two sentences!!!!!

  6. I agree with your statement that song lyrics mimic life. Song lyrics get me through some of the happiest and saddest times in my life! And this song makes me remember how much I cherish having grown up in a small town!

  7. I love that new song too! They really do make some great music! :)