Friday, July 18, 2014


A little look back at what we've recently been up to...

One: Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen
Way back last week, we {Darcy, Ryan and I} went to see Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen play an acoustic show at the House of Blues. I had forgotten how good these guys are. Both of them sound just as good live {without a band} as they do on a recorded track. It was a great show. They had the stage set up like a cozy little living room...and even had Pure Country {VHS version!} playing on the TV. Excuse the grainy/blurry pics...had to use my iPhone {in the dark, from the balcony} because oops! I left my camera at home on the charger.

Two: Sleepover!
Little Midget Max {my godson} stayed with us on Saturday night.
Lil Midget Max ruling the roost!
We worked hard on vocabulary words. He's really doing well with "Jayhawk!" We only tried "Rock Chalk" a couple of times...and when the result sounded a lot like a very bad word {as in the one that rhymes with duck}, we opted to delay practicing that phrase until the next sleepover!

Three: Yardwork
After we had checked out at Home Depot last weekend, we walked by some pretty little blooming flowers that I decided we just HAD.TO.HAVE for the empty space on our back patio that was just filled with dirt {ugly!}. Back through the checkout line we go {the husband even thought to get me some gardening gloves...pure brilliance on his part or else he probably would have had to do it all himself!}. The end result? Pretty flowers and a nice little sunburn....

Four: Shopping!
I've spent a significant amount of time {online} shopping...sorting through all the fabulous fall stuff included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Check out yesterday's post {here} to see a list of my favorite items included in the sale!

Five: Blog Love
  • Seven Answers After Five Years by Amber at Mr. Thomas and Me. Amber opens up about her dad's battle with Alzheimer's. This post really impacted me, as my granddad is experiencing the early stages of dementia. 

There are two new Friday link-ups that I'm participating in today: "Oh, Hey Friday!" {hosted by The Farmer's Wife and September Farm} and "Friday Favorites" {hosted by All the Joys}. Thanks, ladies, for hosting!

 All The Joys Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!


  1. The flowers that you planted look awesome. What an addition to your patio.

  2. I am trying reallllly hard to avoid the nordstrom sale, I spent way too much last month! I'm sorry to hear about your granddad but glad to hear you found someone that can relate. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Wade and RRB acoustic?! Oh my word...that sounds like heaven! We saw Randy Rogers and the Josh Abbott Band last week and they were great--but Wade...he has my heart ;)

    Maybe your godson would have better luck with "go cats!" ?? Kidding!!! ;) He's a cutie!

  4. I HATE YARD WORK!!!!!! Like, I would rather do a zillion loads of laundry! But ya'lls outcome looks GREAT!

  5. Your godson is adorable.

    And let's please not mention the Nordstrom sale any more. ;)

  6. Leslie, your godson is ADORABLE! What a cutie!

  7. Max is the cutest thing ever! Adorable! And the Nordstrom sale is definitely getting the best of me... I've already placed two orders and just can't stop shopping!