Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Just a short and sweet little post to share five current events in my world!

One: Southwest Kansas Pro-Am

The husband is back in Kansas for the Pro-Am golf tournament. I'm excited for him that he gets to go see friends/family while "working"...but I'm a little sad that I'm not there too. Here's to hoping he plays some great golf! 

Two: And while Ryan's in Kansas...

This little guy {and his parents} is {are} his host{s}:

Nais with Uncle Ryan...2 pretty special guys in my world!

I might be a little jealous of both of them for getting to spend time with each other! 

Three: Megan's 30th Birthday Celebration

Her actually birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but we're finally celebrating the big 3-0 this weekend! I'm so excited to officially welcome Megan to the 30 Club!   

Four: Countdown to Mini-Vacation

Next week at this time we'll be in Nashville with Chris and Linds for a nice little little long weekend getaway. Ryan and I have never been Nashville, so we can't wait to check it out! Advice/recommendations welcome...I'd love to hear from you!

Five: Blog Love

  • That Time My Diaries Were Published by Mandi at Girl in Beta. First of all, Mandi is a fabulously entertaining writer. I genuinely love all of her posts. This specific post tells the story of how her diaries from high school ended up in a published book {a published book that has a blurb from Alanis Morissette!}. Check it out...and then go buy the book!
  • {Monthly Faves} July Loves: this is a monthly link-up hosted by Mia and Kelli. It's so fun to see what other bloggers are currently loving. A recommendation/review from someone who actually uses a product is the best way to learn about new "stuff" that I truly NEED in my life!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your upcoming trip to Nashville - it looks like such a fun city!! have a great weekend! xo

  2. Yay for the hubs! Also, I am so happy/excited to hear all about Nashville- I've never been either!! My friend Tiff is coming in to celebrate the big 3-0 as well so I hope you ladies have a blast and a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  3. I can't wait to hear about Nashville! I am dying to go.

  4. Nashville is great, you will have a wonderful time! I wish I had recommendations but I can't even remember the names of some of the restaurants we went to, but they were all good! I think for breakfast we went to the funky griddle, and you could cook your own pancakes at your table which was kinda cool. Have a great weekend!

  5. Just so happened that I had the opportunity of taking care of Nais on Thursday while Landon was traveling and Kelli had a meeting for school soooooo therefore I got to visit with Ryan for a short time. Was so good to see him.

  6. Jealous of your Nashville trip, it's on my list of cities I want to visit. Good luck to your hubby this weekend!

  7. We stopped in Nashville a couple months ago while we were on a random road trip! We didn't get to do much because we were only there for a day but we went to Rippy's and The Stage. Those were some hot spots! And we did the Country Music Hall of Fame which was pretty neat!

  8. when you go to nashville you should try and meet up with natasha from hello happiness! i creepily want to meet a non-creepy way. is that weird?'s a little weird. ignore i said that. thanks for linking up gal!

  9. Can't wait to hear all about Nashville! It's on our list!

  10. Yay Nashville! I've never been, but it's on my list! I actually know of another blogger who is going there this week also! Crazy!!

  11. I went to Nashville last year for a long weekend and had SO MUCH FUN! If you can, get tickets for the Blue Bird Cafe. Easily the best thing we did! And check out Tootsie's... great bar :)

  12. Nashville is on my list. I can't wait to check it out.

    Thanks so much for sharing my post, I'm so happy you liked it! Your compliments meant a lot to me. <3