Tuesday, September 30, 2014


September has always been one of my favorite months {birthday month, duh!}. It just seems like there is so much to celebrate: Labor Day, LOTS of birthdays {a few I've already mentioned here, herehere and here}, the first signs of cooler weather...and lots of other things I can't think of right now.

And here are a few more fun things to add to the list of September celebrations...

Baby Scarlett's Birth 

Precious Baby Scarlett arrived 12 days early.  She is A-DORable...and perfectly healthy with chubby little cheeks and a full head of hair! She and her sweet mom are doing well. 
Scarlett Josephine
Born to Christine and Jon
7 lbs., 9 oz. and 20.25" long
First Family Photo

My mom said my eyes were "glowing" in this pic...
I wonder if she's subtly hinting at something.

Congratulations Christine & Jon...I adore your little family!

Neices' Birthdays

Miss Mackenzie turned 11 on  September 19...

And this lil' diva {Miss Maddyx} turned nine on September 28.

Happy Birthday, Girls...we love you so much!

Genius Baby

My 9.5-month-old nephew can already write his name. Impressive, huh? This may have been my favorite birthday card this year...or ever.

Texas State Fair

I haven't been to the fair yet this year, so perhaps this should be an October celebration...but since the State Fair begins in September, I'm going to throw it in with this month. Plus, I got to wear jeans to work last Friday to celebrate the first day of the fair, which is worthy of celebration itself! And I can't wait to stuff my face with a funnel cake!

What do you celebrate in September?