Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leslie Loves...{1.21}

You might wonder why I'm already raving about something related to Christmas in this "Leslie Loves..." post, but I just wanted to share this with you now to make sure you have time to get it before the holiday season actually arrives.

Christmas Card Chandelier

This chandelier is the perfect way to display your Christmas cards. Enjoy the cards throughout the entire holiday season without them being in the way or looking cluttered. Get it now {here} because I'm sure it'll be out of stock by the time the holiday cards start filling your mailbox. 

The hooks are all separate attachments, so you can arrange the chandelier however you like. If you're a lunatic like me, you can rearrange them each time you add a new card...just to make sure it looks perfectly even! {I only add the hooks as needed because I think the empty hanging wires look silly.} There are three lengths of the dangling wire hooks. The longest length has three metal clips to hold cards, and the other two lengths have two metal clips per wire. 

Only 57 days until Christmas!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Look Back

Halloween costumes are a lot of work...or a lot of money. Sometimes both. It's so much fun to actually dress up for Halloween {or any theme party...yes, that's the sorority girl coming out in me!}, but all the work involved in coming up with the idea and actually making/purchasing the costume and accessories gives me anxiety! Let's take a little look back to previous years when I've managed to pull together some sort of costume to celebrate Halloween...

Roaring '20s Flapper

Vivian {and Kit} from Pretty Woman

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

And I just had to include this pic of my friends {Mike & Rachael} because I think it's a fabulous couples costume...

Sweatin' to the Oldies

Farmer Belle {and Police}

Female Police Halloween Costume

Ms. Claus

What's your all-time favorite costume?

  Holiday Linkup
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Congratulations, Kelli!

She did it! Kelli completed her first marathon...and she did it in 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 3 seconds. Here are a few pics Landon sent to her fan club throughout the race...

6:57 am...before the craziness began!

8:26 am...Nais is just waiting for his momma at mile 10.

8:54 am...big smile at mile 10.

9:10 am...halfway to the finish line!

9:22 am...just takin' a little snooze while he waits for his momma at mile 18.

10:07 am...between miles 18 and 19.

Landon and Nais ran with her for about 0.25 miles between miles 18 and 19...love that part!

11:15 am...FINISH LINE!

This pic just baffles me. It is at the end...AFTER she ran 26.2 miles. She looks better than I do most days!  

Congratulations, Kelli!

What an accomplishment...so proud of you!

Friday, October 17, 2014

For the Love of Friday

Happy Friday, Friends! 

One: NCAA Basketball Preseason Rankings

My beloved Kansas Jayhawks are ranked No. 5 in the USA Today preseason men's basketball coach's poll. The Jayhawks have three home games before traveling to Indianapolis to face the No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats in the Champions Classic on November 18. Rock Chalk! 

You can take the Jayhawk out of Kansas, but you can't take the Rock Chalk from the Jayhawk

Two: Rock 'n' Roll Denver Marathon

I'm sending well wishes and positive vibes to Kelli, my sister-in-law, as she runs her first full marathon tomorrow in Denver. She's worked so hard and been so dedicated in her training. I have no doubt that she is well-prepared to conquer 26.2 miles...but I know she's a little nervous {if nothing else, just from the thought of losing all of her toenails!}. I'm so proud of her...and very excited for her to accomplish this HUGE goal!

Good Luck, Kelli!

This precious little guy {and his daddy} will be cheering for his momma along the way...

Nais, 10 months
Photo by Jolies Images

Three: Napa Valley Recommendations???

I mentioned earlier this week that we're going to Napa in a few weeks to celebrate our first anniversary. SO.EXCITED...but a little overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of wineries and restaurants to choose from. Do you have a favorite? Any and all recommendations are welcome! Please and thank you! 

Four: Kansas City Royals

I can't say I'm much of a baseball fan...but I'll hop on the wagon to cheer for the Kansas City Royals. It's pretty exciting that they're headed to the World Series for the first time since 1985! I even found this little gem in my closet...


Five: Blog Love

, by Aimee @ Aimlessly Elegant. Aimee shares the story  of two friends who are raising funds to create a line of "kick-ass shoes for women battling cancer."
  • Say something. Please for the sake of all that is holy, say something, by Amber @ Mr. Thomas and Me. Amber is an incredible writer...I'm a big of all of her posts. This particular post totally changed my perspective on the song "Say Something" {A Great Big World/Christina Aguilera}.

  • Have a great weekend!

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    Monday, October 13, 2014

    Attitude of Gratitude

    Today I am grateful! 


    Grateful for so many things, including...

    Christopher Columbus

    I'm very grateful that Christopher Columbus found America...and very happy that the bond market is closed today to honor Columbus and his fabulous discovery! Thank you, Christopher Columbus, for sailing the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria across the ocean blue in 1492.

    Weekend with my mom

    My mom spent the end of last week and the weekend with us in Dallas. I love love love having her in town. Her only request is to have as many meals as possible on a patio, weather permitting, of course. 

    I'm often told how much I look like my mom. That is such a compliment to me. I can only hope I age as beautifully as she has. I love that lady so very much...and I am beyond grateful for the close relationship we share!

    Upcoming Anniversary Trip

    We {finally} decided where we are going to celebrate our first anniversary...and our trip to Napa Valley is officially booked! SO EXCITED! Just a few weeks away...

    This Guy

    Speaking of our anniversary trip, I'm grateful for an A-MAZing husband who makes this journey through life worth traveling. I'm thankful he loves me even at my worst {pretty much any morning before 8:00 am!}

    Jayhawk Basketball

    Last Friday night, "Late Night in the Phog" marked the official kickoff of the 2014-2015 basketball season! ROCK CHALK!

    I'm so grateful that I'll be meeting several of my college roommates in Lawrence the last weekend in January for the KU/K-State basketball game.  Can't wait to {Re}live the college life...for a weekend. Or just one night.

    Kansas Jayhawks Basketball
    March 2013: the last time we were all in Lawrence together! 

    For what are you most grateful?

    Today I'm linking up with Emily from Ember Grey for "Grateful Heart Monday." 
    Ember Grey: Grateful Heart

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014

    A Lil' Bit of Awesome

    It's the little things in life that really make a difference. I hear this all the time...and I know it to be true...but, more often than not, I take for granted the simple little things that can {and do!} truly brighten my day. Soooo...today I am making note of 10 things that bring a smile to my face.

    Little things that make me happy

    1. Finding money in an old purse.
    2. Getting in the car just as my favorite song starts to play.
    3. Receiving a handwritten note in the mail.
    4. Breakfast for dinner.  
    5. Mid-day texts from the husband...especially songs of the day.
    6. Free shipping.
    7. Lily's excitement when I get home. The unconditional love of a dog is priceless.
    8. When someone "likes" or comments on this lil' bloggety-blog or any social media post.
    9. Arriving at a stop light just as it turns yellow...and accelerating to get through it. 
    10. Picking up someone at the airport. 

    Thanks to Anne {from Love the Here and Now} for hosting the "Awesome Things" link-up!

    Love the Here and Now

    Friday, October 3, 2014

    Friday Favorites

    Oh Friday...so good to see you again. I think I may just lock myself in my house this weekend to avoid Ebola {note to self, I NEVER should have started reading about it...because now I can't stop!}. Anyway, enough of that! On to happier things...

    One: A Few Current Favorites

    I decided October 1 was as good a day as any to make the switch to fall nail polish. I went with my tried-and-true, Lincoln Park After Dark.

    I know I already talked about my obsession with these booties here, but I just want to confirm how much I L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E {yeah, just like Ashlee Simpson} my TOMS Desert Wedge High Booties now that I've had a change to wear them a couple times.

    This dress from Piperlime's new collection seems perfect for work. I decided I wanted it in green, but my size was sold out...yesterday. I got deterred a bit this morning while writing this post because the small was BACK.IN.STOCK, so of course I had to order it! 

    Two: Virgin America Flight Discount

    I'm so excited that Virgin America will be flying in/out of Love Field beginning October 13...and even more excited that they're offering a 15% discount for trips to/from Dallas if you simply enter a contest by October 6 {25% discount if you share your love on Facebook and Twitter}. Check out the details here.

    Three: "Shake It Off"

    Texas High School Football. I didn't grow up here, but it didn't take me long to realize just how serious Texans take high school football. It's a BIG.DEAL. The Prosper High School football team didn't get off to a great start this season, but they're trying to "Shake It Off."

    HA-LAR-ious, right?!!? 


    Five: Blog Love

    • No-Bake Confetti Cake Batter Truffles by Dara @ The Southern Thing. These little treats look DE-LISH...and seem so easy to make! My last recipe attempt was a flop, but that's not going to deter me from giving this one a try! 
    • The Closet Clean-Out by Natasha @ Hello! Happiness. Natasha shares tips and tricks she learned from a professional wardrobe consultant.
    • Everytime I Hear that Song... by Pinky @ P!nk Persistence. I could totally relate to this post because, as I've mentioned multiple times on this lil' bloggety-blog of mine, lyrics are pretty much the story of my life. I love how hearing a song can totally take you back to a specific moment and/or place in time.

    Happy Friday!

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    Wednesday, October 1, 2014


    Well, Hello October...

    The colors and scents of Fall make me happy. Almost as happy as a new handbag. Almost. 

    The practical side of me knows that it takes years to acquire seasonal decorations to fill a home...but the brat-tastic side of me wants it all RIGHT.NOW! This year I used some birthday money to purchase a couple items to go with what I already had {thanks to a November wedding!}...but I'm trying to refrain from buying more until it goes on sale post-Thanksgiving. Nice little test of my self control....blaugh.

    Anyway, here's a little look at my attempt to Fall-ify our home...

    First up...the front porch:
    pumpkins, mums, hay bale, orange lanterns
    Do you know how hard it is to find a hay bale in the city? I sent poor Ryan on a wild goose chase in search of a hay bale because obviously his truck is a much better option than my car when it comes to transporting shedding straw. A couple of days {yes, days!} into the search, he finally found a bale at a local nursery {the plant kind, not the baby kind}. I'm so excited to have it...but I'm not going to tell you how much he had to pay for it. Pretty sure his term for it was "highway robbery." Soooo...I'm thinking next year I'll just bring a few Kansas bales back to Dallas and sell them right out of my front yard! Just call me an entrepreneur. Until the HOA shuts me down.


    Moving along, here's a look inside the house:
    glitter pumpkins, leaves

    This little piece of Fall fabulous-ness is extra special. 
    It was part of the decor Ryan's mom used for our rehearsal dinner.
    The "box" is actually a sewing machine drawer that had been given to Ryan's great grandmother on her 80th birthday.
    lanterns, leaves, glitter pumpkins, cornucopia, ceramic pumpkins

    leaves, glitter pumpkins

    cornucopia, ceramic pumpkins, candleholders

    I'll just go ahead and say it: the quality of these pictures leaves something to be desired.  My photography skills might need a little work...but you get the general idea, right?
    Give Thanks, Fiesta pitcher, monogram pumpkin

    Give Thanks, Fiesta Pitcher

    The orange Fiesta pitcher on the far right side of the mantel is also a special piece. It belonged to a very special lady who was my grandmother by all definitions except blood. When her daughter noticed Fiestaware on our wedding registry, she sent us the pitcher with a heartfelt note telling me it was from Miss Marjie and that she would have wanted me to have it. {Yes, I cried the rest of the day.} There is truly nothing better than a meaningful gift...and that orange Fiesta pitcher means the world to me.

    Happy Fall Y'all!