Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Well, Hello October...

The colors and scents of Fall make me happy. Almost as happy as a new handbag. Almost. 

The practical side of me knows that it takes years to acquire seasonal decorations to fill a home...but the brat-tastic side of me wants it all RIGHT.NOW! This year I used some birthday money to purchase a couple items to go with what I already had {thanks to a November wedding!}...but I'm trying to refrain from buying more until it goes on sale post-Thanksgiving. Nice little test of my self control....blaugh.

Anyway, here's a little look at my attempt to Fall-ify our home...

First up...the front porch:
pumpkins, mums, hay bale, orange lanterns
Do you know how hard it is to find a hay bale in the city? I sent poor Ryan on a wild goose chase in search of a hay bale because obviously his truck is a much better option than my car when it comes to transporting shedding straw. A couple of days {yes, days!} into the search, he finally found a bale at a local nursery {the plant kind, not the baby kind}. I'm so excited to have it...but I'm not going to tell you how much he had to pay for it. Pretty sure his term for it was "highway robbery." Soooo...I'm thinking next year I'll just bring a few Kansas bales back to Dallas and sell them right out of my front yard! Just call me an entrepreneur. Until the HOA shuts me down.


Moving along, here's a look inside the house:
glitter pumpkins, leaves

This little piece of Fall fabulous-ness is extra special. 
It was part of the decor Ryan's mom used for our rehearsal dinner.
The "box" is actually a sewing machine drawer that had been given to Ryan's great grandmother on her 80th birthday.
lanterns, leaves, glitter pumpkins, cornucopia, ceramic pumpkins

leaves, glitter pumpkins

cornucopia, ceramic pumpkins, candleholders

I'll just go ahead and say it: the quality of these pictures leaves something to be desired.  My photography skills might need a little work...but you get the general idea, right?
Give Thanks, Fiesta pitcher, monogram pumpkin

Give Thanks, Fiesta Pitcher

The orange Fiesta pitcher on the far right side of the mantel is also a special piece. It belonged to a very special lady who was my grandmother by all definitions except blood. When her daughter noticed Fiestaware on our wedding registry, she sent us the pitcher with a heartfelt note telling me it was from Miss Marjie and that she would have wanted me to have it. {Yes, I cried the rest of the day.} There is truly nothing better than a meaningful gift...and that orange Fiesta pitcher means the world to me.

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. Cute! Love using filling lanterns with different things each season!

  2. Leslie & Ryan - Your home is beautiffully decorated for fall & the sentimental items make it so special. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Oh I love those glitter pumpkins!! Don't you love sending men on fun adventures like that? ;-)

  4. I love the mantle! Now I just want to decorate :)

  5. Leslie, everything looks great!! I adore the pumpkin frame. And I have to know, did you make the GIVE THANKS on the mantel.

    And you should notice, I didn't say anything about your bale of 'whatever'.... :) But I love the idea of selling them next year out front of your house! You'd make a killing.

  6. OMG I love all of this!! I really can't get into the decorating spirit between seasons yet - no time or place to store the decorations! One day I will !

  7. Girlfriend!! This all looks fabulous!! It seems like you've already got yourself a house full of awesome decor! Jealous!! :) :)

  8. Cute!!! My box of decorations is in the attic behind the Christmas stuff. :(

  9. Love it all! Especially the pieces with extra meaning, those are my favorite. Love that Ryan finally found the hay bale. But what I love even more, brat-tastic, I'm going to have to adopt that into my own vocabulary! Your house looks great!

  10. OMG! Your home decor and your love of handbags is right up my alley! Are those Texas coasters? What is that on your side table? I am obsessed with it!

  11. oooh love all this fall decorations! you are making me want to run over to michaels or hobby lobby to fallify my house

  12. You've done such a wonderful job decorating!! I especially love your mantle!! But I agree with you - fall is almost as good as a new handbag lol!

  13. Can you please come decorate my house? I have some "vintage" pieces from when I was growing up. Also, check out Tee Hee (in Lake Highlands) and Sample House. They have fun stuff and good prices. PB usually puts their Halloween decorations on sale in mid-October or right after Halloween. I used to stalk the store on Knox.

  14. This is totally random, but Steinmart and JCP also have decorations and amazing stuff. JCP is my new favorite place to buy home d├ęcor stuff.

  15. All of your decorations are so cute!
    Your the second person who has put a hay bale on their front porch, and now I need one. Hmm, that'll be fun trying to find one here in California! hahaha

  16. Your fall decorations look amazing! I love them all! I totally agree, it takes forever to build up on decorations (especially for all the seasons) and I always just want to buy everything at once! :)

  17. Love this!! What a fun time of year for decor- you nailed it!

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