Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites

Oh good to see you again. I think I may just lock myself in my house this weekend to avoid Ebola {note to self, I NEVER should have started reading about it...because now I can't stop!}. Anyway, enough of that! On to happier things...

One: A Few Current Favorites

I decided October 1 was as good a day as any to make the switch to fall nail polish. I went with my tried-and-true, Lincoln Park After Dark.

I know I already talked about my obsession with these booties here, but I just want to confirm how much I L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E {yeah, just like Ashlee Simpson} my TOMS Desert Wedge High Booties now that I've had a change to wear them a couple times.

This dress from Piperlime's new collection seems perfect for work. I decided I wanted it in green, but my size was sold out...yesterday. I got deterred a bit this morning while writing this post because the small was BACK.IN.STOCK, so of course I had to order it! 

Two: Virgin America Flight Discount

I'm so excited that Virgin America will be flying in/out of Love Field beginning October 13...and even more excited that they're offering a 15% discount for trips to/from Dallas if you simply enter a contest by October 6 {25% discount if you share your love on Facebook and Twitter}. Check out the details here.

Three: "Shake It Off"

Texas High School Football. I didn't grow up here, but it didn't take me long to realize just how serious Texans take high school football. It's a BIG.DEAL. The Prosper High School football team didn't get off to a great start this season, but they're trying to "Shake It Off."

HA-LAR-ious, right?!!? 


Five: Blog Love

  • No-Bake Confetti Cake Batter Truffles by Dara @ The Southern Thing. These little treats look DE-LISH...and seem so easy to make! My last recipe attempt was a flop, but that's not going to deter me from giving this one a try! 
  • The Closet Clean-Out by Natasha @ Hello! Happiness. Natasha shares tips and tricks she learned from a professional wardrobe consultant.
  • Everytime I Hear that Song... by Pinky @ P!nk Persistence. I could totally relate to this post because, as I've mentioned multiple times on this lil' bloggety-blog of mine, lyrics are pretty much the story of my life. I love how hearing a song can totally take you back to a specific moment and/or place in time.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh man I better not start reading too much or I'll be the same way! Yikes! LOVE the idea of the blog love section and those booties and dress are absolutely perfect! Hope you have a great weekend pretty lady! Muah! xoxo

  2. I'm going to remain blissfully ignorant about this whole Ebola mess for as long as humanly possible! On to safer topics.. that purple polish! LOVE IT. Wearing something similar on my toes right meow!

  3. Love all your favorites! Especially that polish, perfect for fall!!

  4. Love everything about this post except for the mention of Ebola!! I am terrified and clearly never going to Texas now! That video quite possibly just made my Friday!! Hope you have a great one!!

  5. Stopping by from the link up :) I have those Toms booties too and absolutely love them! They are so comfy and go with lots of outfits love love love


  6. Okay, that video is amazing! The high school football frenzy is one of my favorite things about Texas :) And ebola...don't even get me started. YIKES.

  7. I loved the proser high school video!! Just makes me happy. And LPAD is my go-to during the fall. Just works.

  8. I love Lincoln Park After Dark! So pretty. :) That red dress is gorgeous & thanks for posting about the Virgin discount. I'll have to look that up!

  9. I cannot with the Prosper boys. I CANNOT. And Ebola? Conrad is one of our high schools so I get ALL OF THE UPDATES. #disdproblems

  10. Loved the video. Reminded me of something Landon & Brody would have been doing when they played HS football together.

  11. I really want those wedge booties from Tom's!

  12. Linking Park After Dark is one of my faves as well! I want to read about Ebola... But I don't. Ignorance is bliss, right?! Thanks for linking up!

  13. I've got Lincoln Park After Dark on my nails right now, too! It's my go to fall color :) And LOVE that dress! Glad you were able to snag it!

  14. All about the fall nail colors! Love that dress, glad I'm not the only one who gets sucked in and side tracked while looking up things for posts - it's dangerous! Hope you had a good weekend!

  15. Hope you had a great weekend! You have a lot of things to be excited about :) Love that nail color!

  16. A girl at my work is freaking out about ebola too. I know that if I read into it I will get freaked out too so I just try to avoid it. It's so scary! That's such a pretty nail polish color!

  17. hahaha! I love that Shake It Off video! It made me LOL and then LOL again. I know that I've told you already how much I love those booties, but every time I see them, I fall in love with them all over again! I'm also crushing over that stellar nail polish!