Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Q&A: His Thoughts on Marriage

In honor of it being Anniversary Week {yes, we're celebrating all week!}, I did a little Q&A with the husband about marriage. 

First Anniversary, Interview with Husband

A Q&A is perfectly appropriate because our relationship was pretty much built on a high-stakes question game. I say it was high-stakes because he informed me that "we" weren't going to work if we weren't in love with each other by "Question 100." {Although he now claims that he already loved me when he put that rule in place...he was just trying to get a feel for how I felt about him????}. He followed that one up by telling me that we should probably just break up if we weren't engaged by "Question 1,000." {And he let me know that he was keeping track of the question numbers in his head. He'd update me at certain milestones, so I didn't need to worry about it.}

Our question game even showed up on the bow of my Christmas gift.
"One year closer too/to/2/two Question #1000." 

And so the question game continues...

Me: What, if anything, has changed since we said "I do"?
Ryan: Hmmm...{thinks for a minute or so}...Well, what has changed for you?
Me: My last name.
Ryan: Umm...my address?
Me: No.
Ryan: What? That's not good enough?
Me: No, it's just not true.
Ryan: Oh, ok. {thinks a bit more as he's browning hamburger for dinner} One thing that's changed is that I really have to mash up the hamburger when I cook it now...you know, instead of leaving it chunky like I like it. THAT is one thing that's changed...but it's ok, I'll make it how you like it.  

Me: What is your favorite memory from our first year of marriage?
Ryan: That one Saturday we went to Canton {Canton Trade Days} and then went out with my friends that night. It was just a cool day. You shopped all day, but you were still up for hanging out with my friends when we got back to Dallas. 

That one day we ventured out to Canton Trade Days...
and survived! 

Me: What's the most important lesson you've learned so far in our marriage?
Ryan:  Sometimes it's best to just give you your space.
Me: Touché.

Me: What's one tradition/habit we've established during our first year of marriage?
Ryan:  Ordering pizza on Sunday evenings.

Me: What do you appreciate most about me?
Ryan:  How much you care about people other than yourself. How you put others before yourself...that would be the more proper phrasing.

Me: What’s one thing I do that drives you crazy?
Ryan: Leaving your wet towels on the floor...or the bed...or anywhere that's not hanging up or in the hamper. ORRRR telling me I can't wear spring colors in the fall.  
Me: I said ONE thing.

Me: In what way do you hope our future children are like me?
Ryan: Your gratefulness and thoughtfulness toward others.
Me: What is one quality of mine you hope they don't inherit?
Ryan: Your insomnia.

Me: What three words best describe me?
Ryan: Beautiful, smart and unstable...{laughs hysterically}. I'm just kidding about the unstable! Beautiful, smart and determined.

Me: What advice would you give a recently-engaged or newlywed couple?
Ryan: Don't let her eat the cake. No, no, no...I'm teasing. Don't put that. 
Me: Too late.
Ryan: You know what "Don't eat the cake" means, right?
Me: ... {I just rolled my eyes}
Ryan: Learn to pick your battles. I'm leaving it at that. And never go to bed mad.

Me: Is there anything else you'd like to say about marriage?
Ryan: It looks good on me.
Me: {I can't help but agree!}

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