Friday, December 12, 2014

High Five for Friday!

This week has flown by faster than most! It's been busy...but a good busy. Anyway, let's move along to five random things currently going on in my world.

High Five for Friday

One: Christmas Decor

It's finally coming together and looking a lot like Christmas around our house.  More pics to come next week!

Two: Family Christmas Celebration

Most of Ryan's family will be here this weekend for an early Christmas celebration. We'll miss the Malsons {his sister's family that lives in Idaho}, but I'm sure we'll at least FaceTime with them...and talk about how we'll all be together next year for Christmas. Anyway, I'm very excited to have a house full of guests for the weekend, but I'm a little nervous too. We've never even hosted a dinner...let alone a holiday dinner. It'll be great no matter what because the important thing is that it'll be time spent together with family.

Three: Christmas Shopping Progress

I definitely prefer online shopping over fighting the crazy Christmas crowds in the stores {or even just trying to find a parking space!} Proof of my online shopping success can be seen in the number of packages delivered to our house on Wednesday...

There are still several more to come...and hopefully a couple of them will arrive today {before our guests!}.

Four: Family Photo Attire

My mom has planned an extended family photo session when we're all home for Christmas...and now we're trying to decide which colors to wear to make the group photo look cohesive but not matchy-matchy.  You know what I mean? I'm thinking shades of blue and gray with yellow accents, but we're open to ANY and ALL please please please offer any suggestions you might have!


Five: Blog Love

  • Katie Elizabeth's Chocolate Pie Recipe. I will be making this tomorrow.
  • Have an Extra Christmas Card?, by Mia @ Make Me Up Mia. Mia's little brother, Caleb, was in a terrible ATV accident more than a year ago and is currently undergoing intense rehab in Florida. Check out this post and send a little holiday love to brighten Caleb's {and Mia's parents'} day. #prayformayberry
  • Things I Know to Be True @ P!nk Persistence. A good reminder of the things that are really important in life.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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