Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Vault

I don't like secrets/surprises. Wait, let me rephrase that...I don't like when someone knows something that I don't know, but I kind of LOVE knowing something that no one else knows. Hypocrite much? I'm guessing it's part of that whole Type-A, control-freak personality thing I've got going on. 

Anyway, now that it has officially been announced by the owners of the secret, I can share with you a little story about my awesome secret-keeping skills.

You know my adorable godson, Max, right? His birthday is where this whole story begins...

When I arrived to deliver his birthday cupcake, the lil' midget was already wearing a bib. I didn't think much of it until Rachael told me to take off his bib. I kind of questioned her about why we'd take off the bib now when we'd just be putting it right back on for him to eat his cupcake. I say kind of questioned because it didn't really go very far...after she she said, "Just do it! NOW!" I decided it would just be easier to do what she asked.  And then it hit me. His t-shirt. I was so excited that I nearly tackled the birthday boy after I read, "I'm going to be the best BIG BROTHER ever!" 

This is the best pic of the the "BIG BROTHER" shirt I could get.
Lil' Man was {beyond} ready for his birthday cupcake!
You think this is the big secret I've been keeping? Ohhh...it's only PART of it! 

Rachael wanted to use their Christmas cards to announce the pregnancy AND to reveal the gender of Baby Gonzalez 2.0. She and Mike both wanted to capture their surprised reactions to the gender of the baby in their annual Christmas photos, which meant neither of them could know beforehand. 

Soooo...guess who was the only person to know if Baby Gonzalez 2.0 is a boy or girl for two whole weeks?  ME! ME! ME! {Ok, Ok...so maybe I told Ryan and my mom...I was just SO excited I had to tell someone!}

I think it was about 3 minutes after the nurse called to tell me the gender when Rachael decided she might not want to wait two more weeks to find out if she'd be shopping for pink or blue. I'm pretty sure she tried multiple times to trick me into telling her, but I was A VAULT! I just kept telling her they were going to have a YELLOW BABY {the first  gender-neutral color that came to mind!}.

I ordered these cute confetti poppers from this Etsy shop...
and delivered the poppers to their house about an hour before their photo session. I left strict instructions to call me AS SOON AS they found out if it was pink or blue confetti inside. And then I waited. And waited. For what seemed like HOURS. Finally Rachael called me, and I could tell in her voice just how ecstatic she was to be having a BABY GIRL!

So...there it is...my fabulous secret-keeper story. I'm so honored that Mike and Rachael trusted me with this IMPORTANT news...thank you for letting me be a part of this incredibly exciting time in your lives. You are A-MAZing parents to Max, and I can't wait to see you with your daughter! I truly adore your family and am so grateful to have each of you in my life!

Congratulations Gonzalez Family!

I can't wait to meet Olivia Marie!