Monday, March 23, 2015

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

We've made it to the halfway point! 

Pregnancy, Week by Week

Due Date: August 5, 2015

How far along?: 20 weeks, 5 days

Gender: It's a BOY!

Name: We're narrowing it down! There's one that we keep coming back to, but we aren't quite 100% set on it yet. We'll share his name once we figure it out secrets here.

Total weight gain:  This is the only thing I'm not overly anxious to find out about at tomorrow's doctor appointment. It's just a number...that's what I keep telling myself!

Stretch marks?: Haven't seen any to date...please please please let it stay that way!

Symptoms: I'm not feeling any new physical symptoms, but "the bump" has become more obvious in the past week, so people are starting to ask if I'm expecting and when the baby is due. It's a relief to know that I actually look pregnant rather than just look like I'm carrying around some extra insulation from the winter months. :)

Maternity clothes?:  I'm so grateful for some very generous friends who have loaned me their maternity clothes to help get me through the next few months. It's so nice to be able to borrow some pieces to go along with the maternity clothes I've purchased rather than having to spend so much money on an entire new wardrobe that will {hopefully} only be needed for a short time! Thanks, girls, for your generosity...promise I'll return the favor!

Sleep:  Eh...sleep is decent...not fabulous, but not terrible. It seems like I sleep the best {most comfortably} in the early mornings just before my alarm goes off...or during an afternoon nap on the weekends. 

Cravings: Breakfast-related foods....eggs, pancakes, toast, cereal. I could eat any of these at any time of day...multiple times per day!

Food Aversions: Nothing new in this category...just the regular aversion to the smell of seafood {but I don't mind eating it!} and still not liking grilled chicken.

Mood: Happy! I find myself laughing uncontrollably at things that probably aren't that funny! Once I start laughing, it's impossible to stop. Hey...I'm not complaining.  I'll take the giggles over tears any day! 

Best Moment of the Week: There wasn't a single defining "Best Moment" this past week, but lots of great moments. As I mentioned above, I've been feeling so happy, so that makes every moment pretty great.  I made poor Ryan do a selfie-photo-shoot on Friday morning to document that our teams would be playing each other in the tournament. Although I'm sure he was a bit annoyed with my requests for numerous pics, he never complained and just went along with it. I know I'm spoiled rotten with how well the handsome husband treats me...and I am so grateful for and appreciative of this amazing man!

A House Divided:
Kansas vs. New Mexico State University, March 20, 2015

Worst Moment of the Week: My Jayhawks losing in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament...but hey, that's March Madness. Congrats to Wichita State for the win...and good luck going forward!

Miss Anything?: This is going to sound ridiculous...but I'm missing spray tans. I'm so ridiculously pale! I'd really love to have a little bronze glow to get me through until I can acquire some natural color from the sun! Woe is me...I know, I know. If you see me in person, don't be blinded by the bright whiteness of my skin! 

Looking Forward To: Seeing our precious little boy on the ultrasound screen at tomorrow's doctor appointment.  CANNOT.WAIT!

20 Week Bumpdate

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