Friday, March 27, 2015

High Five for Friday!

What a week! All in all, it's been pretty fabulous! Here are a few bright spots from this past week...

One: Jake Patrick Wald

My lifelong friend gave birth to this precious baby boy earlier this week. He and his sweet momma are doing well...and his big sister couldn't possibly be more excited that he's finally here.

Jake Patrick
Born to Brandy Packard and Justin Wald on
March 24, 2015 at 5:30 PM
6 lbs., 13 oz. and 20" long
First Family Photo
Big sister Preslee couldn't be more proud! She's so in love with her baby brother!

Brandy told me this considerate little guy entered the world after just two pushes! Where can I sign up for a delivery like that?!!?  Please. Pretty please!

Congratulations to this beautiful family of four!

Two: Baby Martin's 20-Week Sonogram

More details on this in my next "bumpdate" post, but I can't help but share a little preview of our "halfway there" baby-doctor appointment.  All is well! Our little guy is right on track. We got to see him wiggling around and hear the sweet sound of his heartbeat! 

Three:  An Unexpected Baby Gift

A friend from high school sent me this A-DOR-able onesie:

I mean, flippin' cute is that?!!? I can't wait until he can wear it...and duh! of course I'll be blogging about it!  :)

Thanks so much,'re so very thoughtful, and this little gift totally made my week! 

Four:  Spring has Sprung!

A little look at the Spring/Easter decor brightening our home...

I'll be the first to welcome the warm, sunny weather...and I cannot wait to spend a little time outside this weekend hopefully nourishing my {abnormally pale} skin with a little Vitamin D!

March definitely roared in like a lion...but, based on the forecast for this weekend, it looks like we're in luck for this month to go out like a lamb!

Five: Blog Love

  • A Love Letter to My New Babysitter, by Ashlee @ Where My Heart Resides. A funny read straight from a mama's heart! This really hit home for me as we're in the process of exploring daycare/nanny options...which, let me tell you, is overwhelming and slightly terrifying! 

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