Monday, March 9, 2015

Old Factory Candles: A Review and Giveaway!

We've established {several times, I'm sure} my obsession with candles. I just CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH of fabulous scents filling our home. If I'm at home, I can pretty much guarantee there is at least one candle just makes it feel more "homey." I've always been partial to Bath & Body Works candles, but when I was asked to review Old Factory Candles I decided to give them a try to see if they could "hold a candle" to my favorites. In the spirit of full disclosure, this product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest feedback. All opinions are my own. 

These little {2 oz.} candles did not disappoint! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised with the strength of the scent and how quickly it filled the entire room.  

Old Factory Candles offers 11 different scent varieties, and each package includes three fragrances. I chose the "Fresh & Clean" themed set, which includes Lemongrass, Olive Blossom and Fresh Linen. Given the miserable tundra-like weather we've been experiencing in Dallas the past couple of weeks, these scents have been a nice reminder that clean spring air is just around the corner {hopefully}! 

 Here's a list of all the scent-options currently available {direct links below}:

You can find Old Factory Candles on Amazon, and they're priced at $25.00 for the package of three.  I was initially turned off by the price given that each candle is only two ounces, but after I gave them a try and found their claim that each candle burns for 20 hours to actually be true, I decided they're worth the investment. The perfect gift to have on hand for times when you need a gift at the last minute.  Everyone can make use of a candle...and I found these to be high quality candles!

If you've managed to read all the way to this point {thank you!}, now is your opportunity to win a set of Old Factory Candles for yourself! One winner will be sent an Amazon code for a free gift set of their choice. You must have a valid Amazon account to enter. Old Factory Candles can only be shipped to U.S. residents at this time. Good luck! Follow the Rafflecopter road below for your chance to win...

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