Friday, March 6, 2015

The Friday Five

Just a few thoughts for this lovely Friday... 

One:'s been C.O.L.D outside!

One thing is for sure, March came roaring in like a lion. A mean, grouchy lion. 

Texas doesn't do ice/snow well...not well at all. The cities just don't have the proper equipment to prepare the roads for ice/snow because we so rarely experience this type of weather. It would be a good idea to ban all traffic from the roads when there's any type of precipitation combined with below-freezing temperatures...that way we can avoid traffic maps that look like this:
Snow day in Dallas
Dallas-area traffic map from Friday, February 27, 2015...thanks to a little snow!

Two: Big 12 Season Champions

Once again...for the 11th year in a beloved Jayhawks are the Big 12 champions for regular-season play. Everything I wrote last year at this time {here} remains true...except now it's even bigger and better! As always, I'm so very proud to be a Jayhawk.  ROCK CHALK!

Three: Speaking of the Jayhawks...

I think we might need this for our little jayhawk's nursery:

Four: "Ride," by Chase Rice

Have you heard Chase Rice's newest single, "Ride"?'s a little scandalous for country music...but I just can't help but like it!  What do you think?

Between this song and Eric Church's "Like A Wrecking Ball," country music is gettin' a little hot & heavy!

Five: Blog Love

  • Pattern Behavior: Guaranteed to make you laugh. Period.Dot.Done. A friend sent me this link via text message earlier this week, and I literally laughed out loud at a few of the "pattern conversations."
  • "DIY Shower Bombs," by Aimee @ Aimlessly Elegant. Aimee is always DIY-ing something, and it always turns out to be a success. This time she shows us how to use essential oils to make your own shower bombs/bath salts and explains which scents cure which ailments.

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