Monday, April 20, 2015

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

Due Date: August 5, 2015

How far along?: 24 weeks, 5 days

Gender: It's a BOY!

Total weight gain:  We'll find out at tomorrow's doctor appointment.

Stretch marks?: None so far...still mixing Bio-Oil and St. Ives lotion to lather on every night.

Symptoms: First of all, thank you so much for all the advice/suggestions on how to treat the nighttime leg cramps.  I've definitely had some relief, so I am incredibly grateful for all the home remedy ideas shared with me! Thanks again! As for new symptoms, I can't think of any that I've experienced this week. As always, I'm so thankful to have had such an easy and enjoyable pregnancy thus far.

Maternity clothes?:  All day, every day. 

Sleep:  I'm not sure if I'm experiencing full-on insomnia, or it's just something that goes along with allergies {i.e. all-night coughing fits and sneezing episodes}. Either way, sleep has not been the greatest this past week.

Best Moment of the Week: This past week was a busy one, but it was a good {fun!!} busy! We celebrated Ryan's birthday on Thursday {a day late because he was working on his actual birthday} at the restaurant where we first met. It's become a tradition for us to go there to celebrate our birthdays...a tradition I hope we'll continue for many years!

On Saturday, I helped host a sprinkle baby shower for my BFF, Rachael. {Remember that HUGE secret I kept for what felt like an eternity?!!?} The weather was beautiful, and her shower was a great success! We finally got a bump pic together! Rachael is due in a few weeks, and I cannot wait to meet Baby Olivia!

And on Sunday, we attended the Academy of Country Music awards {more details in a blog post coming soon}...

Worst Moment of the Week: Terrible, miserable, no good, very bad allergy symptoms have consumed my life this week. I've been constantly sneezing or coughing, my nose never stops running, and my voice sounds like I've been smoking a pack of cigarettes daily for about 20 years. G-ROSS! I tried to get by for a couple of days, but I broke down and called the doctor to see if there was anything I could take to relieve the pressure built up in my head. The nurse gave me several over-the-counter options, and I immediately left the office to go to Walgreens. While I was out, I thought I should run by the house to pick up a snack since I was going to work through lunch. Somewhere between Walgreens and my house, I ran over a HUGE piece of rebar in the road. I knew something was wrong because I could hear the air gushing out of my back driver-side tire when I got out of the car. Tire ruined...on my brand new vehicle!

Thank goodness for GMC Roadside Assistance! Someone was there to put the spare on my car within 15 minutes, and I was back on my way. What.A.Day! Oh, and those stupid allergies are still my nemesis...a week later!

Mood: Aside from not feeling well thanks to gross allergies, I've been in a pretty upbeat mood. I've been trying to get outside when the weather is nice to walk with Lily, and that usually brightens my mood a bit...once I actually get going {sometimes finding the motivation is a bit of a challenge}. The warm, spring weather is good for me...even if my stuffy head/runny nose/scratchy throat disagrees. And I have to admit I'm kinda proud of myself for remaining calm throughout the entire flat tire disaster {Ryan may have aided in this a bit...he's usually the calm/rational side of us.}. I handled that situation about a million times better than I would have a few years ago. Maybe I am maturing a bit after all.  :)

Nursery: No new progress from last week...we really must get going on this!  

Movement: He's moving and shaking all the time. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about our little guy having great taste in music. He was definitely dancing around while listening to George Strait at the ACMs...

Looking Forward To: Getting caught up with everything that needs to be done around our house. Being out of town two weeks ago followed by the chaotic schedule of this past weekend has left our house looking like a tornado hit. I'm ready for everything to be organized and back in the right place. Is this the beginning of my "nesting" phase???

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