Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A little look at what I'm up to these days.

Currently, I'm...

Loving: the fabulous, warm spring weather! 

Reading: lots of baby books...books about pregnancy, being a mom, etc. SO.MUCH.TO.LEARN!

Thinking: where has this year gone? How is it already April?

Wanting: a tan! I'm so tired of having pasty, pale skin. The sunburn that I got last weekend is fading peeling {yet}...but it seems to be fading back to the original shade of pale, leaving no color behind!

Needing: to get out and walk EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I must focus on this and make it happen while the weather is nice!

Listening to: "I Got the Boy" by Jana Kramer {listen here}. I've heard bits and pieces of this song over the past few weeks, but I finally heard the entire song last night. A great country tune...I'm loving it!

Working on: making some furniture/decor decisions so we can get started on the little guy's nursery.

Wishing: I could sleep better at night so I wouldn't be so tired during the day!

Anticipating: going to the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 19th. CANNOT.WAIT!

Wondering: what I'm going to wear to previously mentioned ACM Awards...who knows how big this baby bump will be in three weeks?!!?

Planning: a long weekend getaway {"babymoon"} with the husband. We've got a few destinations in mind, but it's not 100% any ideas/recommendations are welcome! 

What are YOU currently up to?