Monday, May 4, 2015

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

26 Weeks Pregnant

Due Date: August 5, 2015

How far along?: 26 weeks, 5 days

Gender: It's a BOY!

Total weight gain:  I haven't crossed paths with the scales this week, so this is an unknown at the moment.

Stretch marks?: None so far...still mixing Bio-Oil and St. Ives lotion to lather on every night.

Symptoms: Can't think of anything new...just growing by the day! Oh, I do have one thing I selfishly want to complain about...everyone talks about how fabulous your hair should be while you're pregnant...healthy, long and voluminous. Well, something {could it be hormones?!!?} is causing the opposite to happen for me. My hair is so dry, limp and has ZERO's really a sad, sad story. End rant. Ok, I feel better now...just needed to whine for a moment.  Believe me, I am very well aware that I truly have nothing to complain about because this pregnancy has been so kind to me thus far...and I promise I am not taking it for granted.  

Maternity clothes?:  Most definitely...pretty much 24/7.

Sleep:  I've been sleeping pretty well! I start the night off with the snoogle pillow, but I end up getting rid of it at some point in the night {usually when I get up for one of my middle-of-the-night potty breaks}. I've got to admit I've been feeling pretty rested in the mornings...and usually waking up a few minutes before my alarm sounds!

Cravings:  I think I ate a whole watermelon in just a few days last love love that sweet fruit and can't get enough of it! And the Mexican food cravings {that aren't necessarily 100% tied to pregnancy} aren't showing any sign of letting up...chips and salsa for the win! Always.

Workouts: Just walking with Lily...which may not really count as exercise since she either walks really fast for one short block and then gets tired so we have to go home or just takes her own sweet time moseying along if we go much farther than a couple of blocks. Oh well...I guess any activity is better than nothing. As for the stationery bike that I made Ryan pull out last week...well, I've ridden it three times {but the total time accumulated in those three rides may not actually be worth mentioning!}.

Best Moment of the Week: Receiving the news that my friend, Lindsay, had her baby and that Baby Donovan and his momma were doing well. Lindsay had found out that the baby was breech a couple of weeks ago, so we'd been hoping and praying that he/she {we didn't know the gender at the time} would turn on his/her own. Unfortunately that didn't happen, so Lindsay had to have a c-section. It went well though, and the Miller family is now at home getting settled in as a family of three!  

Mood: HAPPY! Ryan and I were just talking last night about how much we've been laughing...possibly because I've been doing ridiculous things that we just have to laugh about because there's nothing else we can do. All in all, this past week has been a pretty smooth ride on the emotional roller-coaster known as pregnancy.

Nursery: Our little man's room now contains a {mattress-less} crib! Let me tell you, building baby furniture isn't for the weak of heart.... 

We also made a trip to Canton, Texas on Sunday for First Monday Trade Days to look for a cowhide rug for the nursery...and the trip was a success {photos to come later}! 

Trip to Canton, May 3, 2015

...AND we've decided on fabric for the bedding!!! I'm so incredibly grateful to my sister, Kiley, for making his bedding...and also for her extensive level of patience with me and my indecisiveness!

Movement: I'm starting to think he's wiggling around more often than he is still...but I'm not complaining! I love feeling him move around. It definitely gives me a sense of contentment knowing that he's active in there.

Wedding Rings:  On

Belly Button: In, but it is definitely flattening

Looking Forward To: My friend, Rachael, is scheduled to have a c-section tomorrow to bring Baby Olivia into this world! Praying for a safe and quick delivery for the both of them...and I cannot wait to cuddle that baby girl in my arms!

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