Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

Due Date: August 5, 2015

How far along?: 29 weeks, 6 days

Gender: It's a BOY!

New updates/news: Our little guy's heart was beating strong {140 bpm} at our OB appointment last week, and my belly is measuring right on track! I've now graduated to OB appointments every two weeks rather than four weeks apart...we're getting close to meeting our precious baby boy!

Total weight gain:  25 pounds...you know, the amount that you're supposed to gain throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy...and I still have 11 weeks to go! 

Stretch marks?: A couple of very light and small lines on my sides...hopefully they'll stay faint or maybe even fade away!  I'm still using a mixture of Bio-Oil and St. Ives lotion every night.

Symptoms: I guess the third trimester exhaustion has set in. I'm sleepy ALL.THE.TIME...and my entire body just feels worn out. 

Maternity clothes?:  For sure...comfort has become my top priority!

Sleep:  Cannot get enough sleep! Last night I went to bed at 8:30, I'm not even kidding. I wake up several times throughout the night, either to go to the bathroom or to try to find a more comfortable position {getting more and more difficult by the day!}. Recently I've been moving to the couch at some point during the night because it's much easier for me to stay on my side when I use the back of the couch as a wall to prevent me from rolling over to my back.

Cravings:  Still loving the same foods: watermelon, cereal, taco salads, grilled cheese. No new cravings at the moment.

Best Moment of the Week: Being back in Medicine Lodge for our first baby shower! Our little midget man is already so loved...and spoiled! It was so nice to be "home" to see family and friends.

My dear friend, Brandy {a shower hostess}, and her sweet daughter, Preslee.

I failed to get a pic with my mom and mother-in-law while we were AT the shower...
so please disregard the t-shirt and rain-matted hair!
LOVE these two so much! Exceptional role models/mothers to look up to!

Worst Moment of the Week: While traveling back to Dallas from Kansas this past weekend, we had to take several detours to avoid scary weather and flooded roads. I'm soooooo grateful Ryan was with me {and driving} because I probably would have had a panic attack and still be stuck somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma!

Workouts: Walks around our neighborhood...when it's not raining, which is very rare these days!

Mood: I've been feeling so incredibly grateful! Grateful for the easy and enjoyable pregnancy I've experienced thus far, beyond grateful for my A-MAZing husband who takes everything in stride and never seems to lose his patience with me {even when I'm acting a bit ungrateful!}, appreciative of the exceptional support network of family and friends that we have in our lives! 

Nursery: Full of boxes and gift bags! We've got A LOT of sorting/organizing to do...but it's so fun to go through all the bright-colored baby gear/toys and tiny little outfits! We just can't wait until he's here to use all these fabulous gifts!

Movement: Funny thing...there was a 4.0 earthquake in Kansas while we were there this past weekend. I felt it, but I seriously thought it was just the baby dancing around in my belly. I guess it's become natural for me to feel him moving around, so I expect it {and assume all movements are associated with him}...but I most definitely wasn't expecting the whole house to be shaking. One of these days he'll be happy to know that I truly believed his little kicks and jabs inside my belly were equivalent to the entire earth moving.

Wedding Rings:  On.

Belly Button: In.

Looking Forward To: Seeing our baby boy on the sonogram screen at our next appointment. We haven't seen him via sonogram since the 20-week appointment, so we're definitely looking forward to it.

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