Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

Due Date: August 5, 2015

How far along?: 32 weeks, 6 days

Gender: It's a BOY!

Name: Huston Robert  {more details here}

Total weight gain:  After gaining no weight between my previous two OB appointments, I had to go and gain three pounds since my last appointment {two weeks ago}...that puts me up a total of 28 pounds. I'd be lying if I said the weight gain didn't bother me, but all that really and truly matters to me is a healthy baby boy...so I'll deal with the weight after he's safe and sound in my arms!

Stretch marks?: No change here...still just a couple of very faint, tiny lines on both of my sides. I'm still mixing the Bio-Oil and St. Ives lotion and lathering it on every night. 

Symptoms: My feet have started to swell...actually, to be more precise, my left foot/ankle is where the swelling primarily occurs. I know this is "just part of it," but it was a bit alarming to look down and see this...

I was a little concerned that I may never get a shoe on that foot again...
It was much better the next morning though.  Phew!

I'm really starting to feel puffy and just very large in general, but I'm trying really hard to accept that's "just part of it" in the process of bringing a healthy baby boy into this world. Whatever it takes to keep him healthy and get him here safely, I'm more than willing to accept.

Maternity clothes?:  What else?!!? All day, every day! Comfort is king these days!

Sleep:  Last week was rather chaotic with travel and staying in several different places, but I've got to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by how well I slept in a variety of different beds. I'm doing a little better about sleeping on my sides rather than my back {doing everything in my power to avoid increasing the back pain}. Most nights include 2-3 trips to the bathroom, but I think that's pretty manageable at this point. Lily the diva dog, who normally isn't one to cuddle, just keeps inching a little closer to me throughout the night...pretty sure she's well aware that her world is about to change just a bit.

Cravings:  I'm definitely over the grilled cheese phase. In fact, the thought of a grilled cheese kinda makes me ill. Watermelon is still my first choice for a snack and accompanies every single meal I eat at home. 

Best Moment of the Week: Our baby shower in Johnson {Ryan's hometown} was this past weekend, and it was so nice to spend time with family and friends. Our little guy was spoiled once again...and I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked. We're so appreciative of the hostesses and all the ladies who came to celebrate our baby boy's upcoming arrival.

Workouts: I haven't done so well this past week in this category. A couple of evening walks with Lily after work when I was home...but I didn't get much exercise in on the days I was away from home {Thursday - Sunday}. I must do better this week because I'm hoping walking will help with the back pain and to keep the swelling down.

Mood: Last week was a little emotional, as I went back to Medicine Lodge to attend the celebration of life service of an amazing lady, Maureen Meador. It was a mixture of emotions...of course her death saddened me, but the photos and collection of memorabilia representing everything she loved also made me smile. I'm so glad I could be there to pay my respects to such a wonderful woman and her whole family, whom I hold very close to my heart. There were also several highs last week that brought lots of happiness...getting to see several people I hadn't seen in a long time and celebrating our baby boy's upcoming arrival at our baby shower in Ryan's hometown. I guess to sum it up, last week's emotional roller coaster was a ride worth taking! :)

Nursery: Ryan got quite a lot done in the nursery last week! He hung the peg board above the changing table and organized all of the large boxes/gift bags so we can at least walk around in Baby Huston's room. Kiley sent me some pics of the bedding she's been working on, and it's looking great! I can't wait to see it in his crib. Our next projects include putting things away/organizing and finding decor/accessories for the walls and shelves.

Movement: Our little guy is big enough now that rather than just feeling him moving around inside my belly, we can now see his movements from the outside.  Every once in awhile my belly just "jumps" or pokes out a little bit. He's very responsive to his daddy's voice, which pretty much just melts my heart. He seems to be most active in the evenings, just before I go to bed.

Wedding Rings:  On.

Belly Button: In.

Looking Forward To: Making progress on/organizing his nursery...but I'm not gonna lie, it's a little overwhelming and I'm not even sure where to start! I think our first step is to get all of his gifts put away and then figure out where to go from there. Although I know it's not necessary because he won't be using it for quite some time, I can't help but want his room to be 100% complete before we bring him home!

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