Friday, June 19, 2015

Celebrating Dads

In honor of Father's Day this coming Sunday, I want to take a moment to celebrate some very special dads...

Happy Father's Day...  

…to my husband, the daddy-to-be.  Although our baby boy isn’t expected to be here for six more weeks, you’ve already proven in numerous ways that you’re going to be an amazing daddy.  I truly can’t wait to see you interact with our son! 

…to my dad:  the first man I ever loved, my hardest critic and my biggest fan.  I love you, Dad…more than words could ever say.

…to my father-in-law, Brock.  Thank you for being such a strong and positive role model for your son. He has grown up to be an incredible man, the man I am proud to call my husband, best friend, and soon-to-be father to our baby boy. 

…to my granddad.  I hope you feel that the greatest gift we could ever give you is to name our son after you. We are going to be the very best parents we possibly can in hopes of raising him to be a true gentleman, just like his namesake.

Here's to hoping these amazing men and all of the dads out there have a fabulous Father's Day weekend!