Monday, July 13, 2015

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Due Date: August 5, 2015

How far along?: 36 weeks, 4 days

Gender: It's a BOY!

Name: Huston Robert  {more details here}

Total weight gain:  No change in the "official" doctor's office scale last week. Total weight gain stands at 33 pounds. I think that may change significantly this week though because I feel like this little guy has grown leaps and bounds in just a few least I'm hoping that's the reason my belly has expanded so much! Maybe it won't be reflected on the scale though...all the books I've read tell me weight-gain tapers off toward the very end. least there's that one little positive point to get me through the last few weeks! :)

Stretch marks?: None that I can see.

Symptoms: This belly feels REALLY.HEAVY! It's almost as though I feel like I should lean backward to carry it around...maybe that's a sign that he's starting to drop??? I really have no idea what it means, but I can tell you that it becomes more challenging by the day to find a comfortable position to sit and/or lie down.

Maternity clothes?:  Always...and it's dresses about 80% of the time. Comfort is crucial these days!

Sleep:  I've really been struggling to find comfortable positions to sleep. I've tried the bed, the couch, the recliner...nothing lasts longer than an hour or two...and then it's time to get up and go to the bathroom. 

Cravings:  Nothing new on this front...still on the watermelon and fresh-squeezed lemonade kick.  Oh! I guess there is something new to report...I've been waking up absolutely starving in the middle of the night! Maybe this is to help prepare me for the nighttime feedings??? 

Best Moment of the Week: This past weekend we celebrated the wedding of Linsey Verver and Craig McCoy. Once I surpassed the challenge of finding something to fit my 8.5 month prego body, it was all good. We went with some friends {Cody & Chelsie} who are also expecting a little midget {in December}. Let me just tell you, Chelsie and I were the life of the party as we sipped our sodas and watched everyone else get wedding-drunk! While people-watching is pretty entertaining, I'll go ahead and admit I missed the cocktails! Although we didn't make it to the end of the reception, it was a fun wedding...CONGRATS, Craig & Linsey!

Workouts: Pretty much non-existent. I'm still doing my stretches to strengthen my hip {do NOT want that pain to come back}, but I don't really think that counts as a workout. It's supposed to get really hot this week, so I don't foresee Lily and I stepping up our walking never know though!

Mood: ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE! One minute I'm anxious and feel like I need to tackle a million things on the to-do list, and then the next minute I'm blah and feel like I need to take a nap! I'm overly emotional, but I totally recognize it. I can seriously laugh at myself WHILE I'm crying because I realize I'm crying for no particular reason. 

Nursery: We still need a lamp and a few other "necessities," but we're pretty much to the point where we just need to put it all together {i.e. hang stuff on the walls}. 

Movement: When I lie still for any amount of time, this little guy really gets moving. Any movement he makes can now be seen from the outside, so it's always a little strange to see ripples and waves across my belly or to see his little body shift from one side to the other. It's kinda my favorite thing to experience these if you're looking for me, you'll likely find me just lounging in bed waiting for the little guy to wiggle {and/or napping!}.

Wedding Rings:  On...last week's swelling must have been the humidity or something because I haven't noticed it at all this week.

Belly Button: In.

Other Updates: We attended a three-hour breastfeeding class on Sunday, and while it was very helpful and packed full of information, I'm still nervous about nursing. I guess it's one of those things that you just have to learn by doing...

Oh, I almost hospital bag is packed...well, for the most part, anyway!

Looking Forward To: Meeting our little man!

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