Thursday, July 30, 2015


  • ...I've been reading way too many bloggers' birth stories. I'm secretly hoping that the more I read, the better prepared I'll be for anything that could possibly happen when I go into labor. The rational side of me {which isn't present very often these days} knows nothing can truly prepare me for what lies ahead, but that doesn't stop the crazy side of me from trying to conquer the fear of the unknown.
  • ...every time I get to the part of the birth story when they put the baby on the mom's chest for the first time, I get all teary-eyed. I can't even imagine what an emotional mess I'm going to be when it's MY baby on MY chest. 
  • ...I'm closely monitoring the story about the plane debris that washed up on Reunion Island that may be part of the missing Malaysia Air plane {MH370}. Wondering where that plane went STILL keeps me up at night on occasion...seriously! I can't help but be baffled by the idea that they're JUST NOW finding a piece of the plane...where has it been for the past year?!!?
  • ...I was devastated by the Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert divorce. {I know this is old news by now, but still...} I typically don't really care about celebrity gossip, but I was so sad about this. In fact, I initially refused to believe it. I even searched through Oklahoma Public Records to find the divorce filing. I was so relieved when I didn't find it at first...but when the internet just wouldn't let up on the story, I did a bit more digging and found it here {under their initials}. #researcher  
  • ...I've been living in Ryan's clothes when I'm not at work or out in public.  Last night he came home with a bag full of new {men's large} workout clothes...claiming they're all for least for the next week.  #thoughtfulhusband 
  • ...I plan to spend this entire weekend in one of two places: floating in the pool or sitting under the AC vent. Our electric bill may break the bank {or Ryan may freeze to death} if this baby doesn't arrive soon. This momma-to-be can't stand being hot!
  • ...I'm in desperate need of a vacation. Maternity leave is like vacation, right?!!?  Just kidding...kinda.

These are my confessions!