Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Notes from a New Mom

A few things I've learned in my first few weeks of being a mom...

  • Even if you are 110% sure you're going to deliver your baby vaginally, you should at least skim the chapters of the pregnancy/mom-to-be books dedicated to c-sections. Apparently those things aren't always planned...
  • They pump you FULL of fluids at the hospital, so don't expect to lose much baby weight before they dismiss you to go home.
  • Feet/hand swelling actually can get worse AFTER the baby is born...and last for more than two weeks.
  • The ride home from the hospital is slightly terrifying. 
  • Breastfeeding is HARD.
  • Lactation consultants are legit.
  • You truly can take a full shower {hair-washing included} in under two minutes.
  • Pads {as in the maxi type} suck. Period.Dot.Done.
  • Your baby daddy's clothes never looked so good {on you!}. Comfort is key!
  • Adrenaline will take over when sleep is insufficient.
  • If you don't get peed on at least every other day, then you must have a girl baby.
  • Packing the diaper bag for the first outing takes serious thought and planning...and you'll still forget something at home.
  • You're going to cry happy tears. Just looking at your sweet baby and trying to wrap your head around the immeasurable amount of love you have toward this tiny human being will trigger happy tears...on multiple occasions.
  • You'll fall even further in love with your husband when you see him with your precious little one.
  • There is no better feeling in the world than cuddling with your sweet baby and knowing they feel safe and secure in your arms.