Monday, October 12, 2015

Two Months

As cliche as it sounds, I'm gonna go ahead and say is my baby boy already two months old?!!? Time truly does fly when you're having fun, and these past two months have been the best of our lives!

A few notes from the second month...
  • He's gained a solid two pounds over the past month, but he's still pretty tiny at 9 pounds, 13 ounces {4%} and 22 inches long {10%}. He's growing at a healthy pace, and that's all that matters. We transitioned from newborn to size 1 diapers about halfway through the month, and he's mostly wearing size 0-3 month clothes.
  • Our little man eats like a hoss! We're still struggling a bit with breastfeeding {reliant on the nipple shield to nurse}. He nurses 1-2 times per day and gets breastmilk from a bottle the remainder of the time. We've had to supplement with a few ounces of formula on occasion when it seems like my supply isn't keeping up with his demand. He doesn't seem to mind the formula mixed with the breastmilk that he's used to. He took about 4 ounces per feeding throughout most of the month, but over the last couple of days he's upped his intake to 5-6 ounces each time he eats. 
  • Because the hematomas {big bruises/pools of blood/big 'ole bumps caused from using the vacuum during birth} on his head haven't completely disappeared, Dr. Diana wants us to see a specialist just to make sure the bumps have nothing to do with the development of his skull. We've got an appointment with the specialist tomorrow, and we're praying hard that it's just taking a little extra time for the hematomas to fully heal and nothing to worry about.
  • Our baby boy made my 34th birthday the best one yet. 
  • I'm pretty sure our little midget is a genius baby and knew it was my birthday because he gifted me with a full night's sleep! At 4.5 weeks old, he slept from 10:30 pm until 6:00 am and has consistently been sleeping 7-8 hours at night since then. He definitely sleeps best in a swaddle. Since Dr. Diana informed us we need to break the swaddle habit now that he's two months old, here's to hoping we have an easy transition out of the swaddle...
    He's still sleeping in our room in his Rock-n-Play, so that's another transition we need to work on in this coming month. I'm pretty sure it'll be harder on Momma than it will be on Huston to move him to his nursery. 
  • He's full of smiles this month! 
  • Baby Huston loves being talked to and "coos" and "ahhhs" right back at us to continue the conversation. 
  • Tummy time. There's two different versions of tummy time. It seems like tummy time with Mom is more like resting time that almost always results in him falling asleep. However, tummy time with Dad is much more productive. He holds his head up and looks around...until he gets mad and wants picked up or put on his back. He got so frustrated last week that he managed to roll himself over from his tummy to his back for the first time. 
    Mom's tummy time

    Dad's tummy time
    #RollingOver #ActionShot
  • He tolerates the swing for about 15 minutes at a time...but only if the mobile is moving above him. He loves loves loves watching mobiles, so it's a good thing we've got three different ones to occupy his time.  
  • We took our first road trip to Kansas {6 hours}, and he was an angel baby in the car. He slept more than half the drive, had a diaper-change and bottle when we stopped to get gas, and napped off and on for the remainder of the drive. 
  • While we were in Kansas, he met his great-grandparents...
  • ...and took his first helicopter ride!

    A few more pics from Huston's second month of life:


    Love that sweet smile!
    Thanks for the outfit Keesha & Garrett! #RefinedFitness

    A tight hold on that paci

    My daddy golfs better than your daddy!

    Snoozin' with Daddy

    Huston & Lily love going on walks!

    Dear Huston,

    Two months. The past two months have flown by in the blink of an eye! You grow and change a little bit each and every day...and you teach us something new on a daily basis. For such a tiny little guy, you have a powerful hold on our hearts. You're the center of our world, and we cherish every moment we spend with you. 

    This month you showed us your sweet, sweet smile...and it melted our hearts. That smile lights up your whole face! When you flash that bright little smile, everything else in the world just fades away. You are capable of chasing away anyone's bad mood just by blinking those bright blue eyes and sharing your grin. We adore that grin, little buddy!

    You are such a good baby. People often ask us, "Is he always this good?!!?"...and we just tell them that we know we're incredibly lucky to have such an easy-going and happy baby boy. Even on your fussiest days, you're still a sweet and cuddly little prince. Thank you, sweet boy, for being easy on your momma and daddy...we're incredibly grateful!

    We love you more than life itself! Our hearts are overflowing and we fall in love with you a little more every single day. We're looking forward to all that lies ahead for our little family! 

    You have my heart forever,