Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Five Months

How is it that another month has flown by? And what a BIG {busy} month it was! We spent lots of time with family, and our baby boy was loved {spoiled} to no end.

The best photo we got this month...he was way more interested in playing with the blocks than posing for a pic!

And these are the outtakes...

A few notes from Huston's fifth month of life...
  • Based on our unofficial home measurements, we estimate he weighs about 15.5 pounds. His last official weigh-in was a couple of weeks ago {14 lbs., 5 ounces as of December 31 (14th percentile)} when we went in for our first "sick visit" to the pediatrician.  He wasn't terribly sick or anything...just very congested...but being a new mom and having a long weekend coming up {New Year's Day}, I decided to take him in just to make sure his lungs and ears were clear. The doctor informed me it was just an annoying cold that had to run its course. We used the humidifier and saline drops in his nose {he developed an extreme dislike for the blue suction bulb!}, and he was back to 100% in about a week.
  • He's wearing 6-month clothes for length {some are even starting to be a bit on the short side}, but they're still a little big around the waist. He graduated to size 2 diapers early in the month, and I think he'll be comfortable in that size for at least the next few weeks.
  • This past month he's pretty much exclusively been on breast milk with very little need to supplement with formula. I think he and I have finally gotten the hang of actually nursing {it only took us 4.5 months!}, but we still just do it 1-2 times per day {the life of a working mom} with the remainder coming from bottles that I've previously pumped. He'll eat between 4-6 ounces with each bottle feeding. In total, his bottle-intake per day ranges from 25-35 ounces while he nurses anywhere from 15-50 minutes each day.
  • Speaking of eating...we introduced solids for the first time last night! He tried a couple of bites of sweet potatoes. He seemed to like the first bite, but then he wasn't so sure he wanted to open his mouth again for the second bite. 
  • Sleeping. His sleep was a little disrupted this month when he was sick. He would wake up a couple of times in the night and just need a little soothing from Momma or Daddy to get back to sleep. In general, he's still a pretty solid sleeper at night. He's going down a bit earlier these days {usually around 8:30} and sleeps until 5:30-6:00 am. After he gets a clean diaper and eats, he usually goes back to sleep until 8:30-9:00 am. As far as napping goes, it seems like it may be occurring a bit more frequently...and even extending in length. Although he still has days with ZERO naps, he's been sleeping in his swing after lunch on a regular basis for an hour or so.
  • Our little guy will talk your ear off! He's especially chatty in the mornings and after a bath {his happy times}. Giggles...his little laugh just might be the sweetest sound I've ever heard. Playing peek-a-boo is the best way to get him to laugh and sometimes he'll make us work pretty hard for it, but that genuinely innocent & happy sound is worth it every.single.time!  Just this past week, he's figured out how to blow raspberries with his lips...and he does this nonstop. It's pretty cute for now, but I have a feeling it could get old pretty fast!
  • He's still only rolling from back to front...and he's not doing this nearly as often as when he first figured it out. It's like he realized he hates being stuck on his belly, so why would he put himself in that position? He's ok with tummy-time as long as he has plenty of toys to entertain him, but when he gets bored with those toys, he's over it. Period.Dot.Done!
  • Playing. He is full-on playing with his toys now. He'll reach out and pick things up on his own, and he'll even find it and pick it back up if he drops it. He's a big fan of the crinkle-sound books and the small toys that make noise/play music.
  • The lil' man has found his feet and mastered the art of sock removal {big win for him, huge loss for Mom}. He really loves to suck on his toes...which makes diaper changes a bit more challenging these days!
  • Teething. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but based on the increased amount of drool/slobber/sucking on fingers, I think they're coming sooner rather than later. We broke out the amber necklace last week, and I can really tell that it has helped reduce the drooling.
  • Grammy came to visit to help us get everything done in time for Christmas.
  • Huston and Momma had two nights at home by ourselves while Dad was gone on a hunting trip. We did great, but Momma sure learned how much she appreciates all that Daddy does when he's home!
  • We've developed a little case of "Stranger Danger." It just takes him awhile to warm up to new people...and he definitely needs to know that Mom or Dad are in the near vicinity at all times.
  • We traveled to western Kansas for Christmas {this time by car}. We left Dallas in the evening, and our sweet babe slept the entire 8-hour drive. We spent Christmas with the Martins, and Baby H was thoroughly entertained by his cousins...

  • Lots of family time over the holidays...

  • Huston got a brand new baby cousin on New Year's Day {Mills Kopper Lukens}, so we traveled back to Kansas to meet him...

  • ACTIVE.BABY. In just the past 4-5 days, it's like he turned a corner and became increasingly active/playful. {Perhaps he was trying to keep up with his 2-year-old cousin, Nais.} He's now a very busy boy...always moving and grabbing for/batting at things around him {including his bottles}. His little world is expanding at the speed of light. He's no longer a newborn baby that just lies there...it's so much fun to play and interact with him!

Photo dump from Huston's fifth month of life:

#FlyingBaby  12/12/2015

Reading Christmas stories with Daddy  12/13/2015

Festive Attire  #Baby'sFirstChristmas


Our little family on Christmas Day

Playing with Lily   12/25/2015

Daddy & Huston matching in flannel  12/26/2015

Visiting the pediatrician  12/31/2015

This is his response after finding out he's no longer "the baby" on the Lukens side.

Where's Huston?  1/3/2016

#JayhawkBaby  1/4/2016
#LocallyGrown #Texan  1/5/2016

Travelling to Kansas to meet Baby Mills  1/8/2016

#JohnDeereBaby  1/9/2016

Hangin' with the Campbell sisters  1/10/2016

Who's that handsome boy?!!?  1/11/2016

Dear Huston,

We truly cannot believe the changes we see in you on a daily basis. You are growing so fast, and you are learning/doing new things each and every day.  It’s amazing how fast you learn.  It was only five {incredibly short} months ago that I held you in my arms for the first time.  Now when I hold your brand new baby cousin in my arms, I can’t even remember you being that tiny.  I try desperately to take note of each and every “milestone” to permanently etch in my memory…but given the current state of my memory, let’s just say I’m incredibly grateful for all the photos I snap and videos I capture on my iPhone {that is double backed up…I hope!}. I'm sure it just looks like daily life to anyone on the outside, but these are the memories I’m going to cherish forever.

You’re such a handsome little guy! And that smile…well, your crooked little grin could melt even the coldest heart…so, needless to say, this momma just turns to mush when that bright little smile lights up your whole face.  Your bright blue eyes are like a window to your little heart...it’s like you show your love and acceptance through those baby blues. It’s enough to bring your momma to tears…happy tears, of course.

The love we have for you is impossible to put into words…and yet it deepens every single day.  Being your parents is the greatest gift God could’ve ever given us, and we thank Him each and every day for entrusting you to us.  You are the light of our lives…thanks for shining so bright, little man!  We love you!

Love you always,