Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Leslie Loves...{3.01}

I'll go ahead and admit that the "Leslie Loves..." posts were lacking in 2015 {ok, ok...blog posts in general were somewhat lacking in 2015}, but the new  year is here and I'm going to TRY to post on a more consistent basis...and definitely work on increasing the number of "Leslie Loves..." posts.

I promise that not all of my posts will be baby-related...but given the season of my life that I'm currently living, some of my "loves" are gonna revolve around caring for the little midget. {Hey...anything to make life a little easier/increase sleep is worth some love in my book!}  I realize that I now have a 4.5-month-old babe, but I'm going to have to backtrack a bit and share a few items that we LOVED when we first brought him home.

  1. Rock 'n Play Sleeper: we used this in place of a bassinet while he slept in our bedroom for the first three months of his life. The "auto" rocking feature includes two speeds that can be set to run for 30 minutes or six hours. It's very mobile, as it folds up easily...plus, you can power it with batteries if you aren't near an outlet to plug it in. It says it can support a baby up to 25 pounds, but our little guy really started wiggling and graduated to his crib around 12 weeks.
  2. Hands-Free Pumping Bra: I've been pumping since the very beginning because my little midget wasn't good at the whole nursing game, so this was an ESSENTIAL tool for me from the get-go. This actually allows you to multi-task while pumping {even more useful later on when you go back to work!}. There's nothing easy about pumping {breastfeeding in general}, but this helps a bit by freeing your hands for the 20+ minutes you're feeling like a dairy cow attached to a machine.
  3. Swaddle Sleepsack: we were BIG fans of swaddling and truly believe it's the reason behind our little guy sleeping through the night at four weeks old. Ryan happens to be a great swaddler using the Aden & Anais muslin blankets {another must have that I just now remembered}...me, not so much. Sooooo...the swaddle sleepsacks were a necessity for me to get/KEEP the babe wrapped up like a burrito.  They're foolproof when it comes to wrapping the baby, and they're baby-proof when it comes to busting out of the swaddle.
  4. Lansinoh Gel Soothies: I tried every brand of soothing nursing pads, and I found these to be the very best at providing pain relief during the early {painful!} days of nursing.
  5. What to Expect the First Year: this book has all the answers as to what to do/what to expect when you get home with a tiny human and have no clue what you're supposed to do. I've found this book much more helpful/useful than the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that I read while I was pregnant.
  6. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer: as I mentioned above, I've been pumping since Day 1 {ok, maybe Day 3, but still...}, so having this to quickly warm a bottle was crucial for a momma with a very impatient baby when he decides he's hungry. And let me tell you, my babe goes from content to starving in about a millisecond. If I had to heat water and then wait for that water to then warm the bottle, I think my little guy might combust from anger while waiting for his food. 
  7. Sleep Sheep: this sound machine is a life-saver! Period.Dot.Done! It has four different soothing sound options, and an automatic timer than can be set for 23 or 45 minutes.
  8. Baby Connect App: this is the app we use to track feeding {bottle & nursing}, diaper changes and pumping. We definitely don't use it to its full advantage because there are many more variables that can be tracked {sleep, mood, activity, medical, etc.}. You can log into your account from several different devices {mom, dad, grandparents, nanny} and they'll all sync together. I know there are free apps out there that do similar things, but I honestly believe this is worth the money. 
  9. Paper Plates: it's likely that you're going to have lots of company and people will bring meals {btw, thank you, thank you, thank you for the fabulous meals!!!} as you adjust to life with a newborn, but let's face it...ain't nobody got time for dishes!

  10. *The links above are to the online site where I found the product for the cheapest price as of January 5, 2016.

    These are just a few of the items I deemed ESSENTIALS as we blindly navigated our way through the early days of parenthood. There are so many baby products out there {some incredibly useful, some beyond ridiculous}...are there any fabulous products that I missed? Please share with me your baby "loves"...all ages and stages!