Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday

TGIF! I don't know about you, but I felt like this week drug on F..O..R..E..V..E..R! I'm beyond ready for the weekend! Let's get the party started with my Friday Five...

One: The Kansas Jayhawks

Texas Tech will travel to Lawrence tomorrow to play my beloved Jayhawks. A win over the Red Raiders will seal the deal for the Jayhawks to win at least a share of the Big 12 title...FOR THE 12TH YEAR IN A ROW!  All I can say is ROCK CHALK! 

Two: My Wishlist

These booties. They need to be mine... 

Three: "You Should Be Here"

If you've been around my little corner of the internet for awhile, you're well aware that I'm a HUGE fan of country music. I've been loving Cole Swindell's newest song, "You Should Be Here," since I first heard it on the radio. And then I watched the video. Tears. I couldn't hold back the tears. What an incredible song!

I heard an interview with Cole Swindell on The Highway after I'd seen the video and learned that the emotional video is very real. The people in it are his real family, and it truly was the first time he'd been back to his dad's grave since the funeral. Such an amazing tribute to his dad...and a song that pretty much everyone can relate to in one way or another.

Four:  Easter Decor

I just realized that Easter is only one month away! Time to break out the Easter decorations...

Five: Code Black

Do you watch this show??? I'm the point that I almost love it as much as Nashville {which returns March 16}! I haven't yet watched this week's episode because I think it was the season finale {and I've been known to save the finale until just before the next season starts so I won't be so sad...come to think of it, it's about time to watch Season 4's final episode of Nashville!}.  Anyway, I know absolutely nothing about the medical field, so this show could be wayyyyyy off track from reality...but I still love it and will continue to watch.

Cheers to the Weekend!

Today I'm participating in a couple of Fabulous Friday link-ups: 
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Thanks so much to all of these ladies for hosting fun Friday link-ups!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

These Are My Confessions...

Today I'm linking up with Jess for a little Thursday confess sesh.

I confess...

  • We got in trouble with the pediatrician for leaving the amber necklace on H while he sleeps. I swear the thing truly works to help babes through the traumatic teething phase, so we're not about to get rid of it! Dr. Diana says they're totally fine for babies to wear...just not while they're sleeping! Noted.
  • I didn't even know the Grammy Awards were on Monday night. Apparently I live under a rock...a DVR'd rock because I can't remember the last time I watched live TV.
  • Speaking of TV and DVR...I've started to watch this week's episode of The Bachelor three times, and I still haven't made it past the first 10 minutes. I'm dangerously close to cheating and reading the spoilers. Someone convince me to wait it out...
  • I love love love that we've had such a mild winter, and I know I'll regret saying this the moment it turns cold...but I really think we need just a few days of harsh cold in order to kill all the ick-tastic bugs that we don't want around when spring and summer actually arrive.
  • I'm a least once, usually twice each morning. I set my first alarm 20-30 minutes before I actually have to get up. What good does this do me? Why don't I just allow myself to get full-on restful sleep until I truly have to get up?
  • I had Monday off for President's Day and I took a vacation day on Tuesday, yet I still cannot wait for the weekend! #IsItFridayYet?

These are my confessions!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Leslie Loves...{3.02}

I promised myself that I was going to do "Leslie Loves..." posts on a more regular basis this year. Given that this is the second month of the year and this is my second "loves" post, perhaps I will make it my goal to post about my favorite products/obsessions once per month. Stay tuned to see how this works out for me! :)

Let's move right along to this installment of products I'm loving...

Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' Mascara

Favorite Mascara

I'm a tough critic when it comes to mascara. I'm pretty sure I've tried roughly 328,347 brands/types of mascara in my lifetime...and I really do love this one. There's really not all that much you can say about mascara, but I will tell you the single best thing about Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' Mascara is that IT DOESN'T CLUMP! That's a BIG.DEAL in my book. It's pretty much the only mascara I've found that lengthens AND adds volume {why doesn't spell-checker recognize 'volumize' as a word?!!?} without getting all clumpy on your lashes. There are lots of mascaras out there that either add length OR add volume, but I can honestly say Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' Mascara does both.

The Wet Brush

My always-thoughtful mother-in-law included The Wet Brush in a care package she put together for me when Huston was born. I'd heard about this brush and how awesome it was for getting tangles out of wet hair, but since I don't really have a lot of tangles in my hair and it wasn't getting wet all that often {let's face it...I hated to wash my hair BEFORE the babe was born, so the days between hair washes definitely didn't become fewer after he arrived!}, I set this part of the gift aside and kind of forgot about it for a couple of months. I felt terrible when my MIL asked if I'd used it yet and I had to admit that it was still neatly boxed up in its package. I immediately went home and tried it out {on my dry hair} and loved it. I was able to brush through my dry hair without getting any static! Of course it was a couple days until I washed my hair, but once I had an opportunity to try it out on my wet hair, I finally realized what everyone had been raving about. This brush is legit.  The Wet Brush seems to magically slide through the hair without pulling/tugging on your scalp. You don't even have to be careful when you're brushing through wet hair because the soft bristles bend easily and prevent wet hair from breaking off even if there are tangles.  I had been using the same 'ole type of brush for as long as I can remember, but I had no hesitations in throwing it away and replacing it with The Wet Brush.

P.S. The Wet Brush is also fabulous in catching all of your hair when you're pulling it up into a ponytail {a Mom-tail as my husband likes to call it!}.

Do you use either of these products? 

What do you think of them?

Do you know of any great products I need to try?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Six Months

Half a year...Six Months...Twenty-Six Weeks...184 matter how you phrase it, it's been the fastest, most enjoyable period of our lives. We've enjoyed every moment with this baby boy...even the middle-of-the-night moments!

A few notes from Huston's sixth month of life...
  • We'll get the "official" height and weight at his six-month well visit appointment on Monday. All I can say for now is that the little guy is getting noticeably heavier to tote around, a sure sign that he's growing! UPDATE: at his six-month well visit he weighed 15.6 pounds {12th percentile} and was 26 inches long {26th percentile}.
  • Our looooooong baby is filling out 9-month sized clothes in terms of length, but they're still a little big on him around the waist. He can no longer wear the size 6-month full-length {footie} outfits because they scrunch up his legs, and 6-month pants are essentially capris {is that what they call them for boys?} on him. For shirts and onesies, the 6-month size is a perfect fit at the moment.  He's still in size 2 diapers and has a little room to grow, so I think he'll be comfortable in that size for a while longer.
  • Baby boy is a great eater! He's a big fan of pureéd solid foods...once he gets used to them. It takes 3-4 tries with each new food we give him for him to accept the taste, but the only thing we've found that he truly dislikes is prunes {who could blame him?}. So far we've given him sweet potatoes, avocados, potatoes/carrots mixed {his absolute favorite!}, peaches, pears, prunes, butternut squash and bananas. Introducing solid foods has thrown him off his regular bottle schedule, but he's still taking between 25 and 29 ounces of breast milk each day. He has ZERO interest in actually nursing...he pretty much gave that up at the beginning of February. I think he decided it was too much work {after all, we were STILL reliant on the nipple shield for him to latch!}, so this momma has been exclusively pumping for the past two weeks.
  • On the solid food front, all of his pureéd food has been homemade. When a friend told me to register for the Beaba Babycook Pro, my response was, "Are you serious? Do you really think I'm going to make my own babyfood?!?" While it does take some time and effort, it's much easier than I expected. And to be 100% honest, Ryan and Maria have done most of the baby-food-cooking. {Btw, have I mentioned what a Godsend Maria is to our family? We're so very blessed to have such a loving and nurturing nanny to care for our son while we're at work. We were also lucky in that a neighborhood mom {also a Maria} gave us several bags of pureéd fruits and veggies because her son moved on to table food before she expected him to. Who knows how long we'll last making our own baby food, but that's where we're at for now.
  • We may have started to {slightly} turn the corner on the nap in he's {kinda} starting to take them! He's pretty consistently taking 25-40 minute naps. He'll even sleep 1.5-2 hours on occasion {that tends to only happen when Momma or Daddy will lay down with him.}. He's still content to sit in his swing, and oftentimes that's where he naps during the week. Bedtime comes a lot earlier these days. He's usually asleep in his crib around 7:30 pm. He's gotten to where he prefers to be put down before he's fully asleep so he can roll around and find a comfortable position. {That was kind of a hard adjustment for Momma who really liked to rock him until he was soundly sleeping.} As long as he's got his giraffe paci in his mouth, he's usually fast asleep within a minute or two. He's been a little restless at night, but a few seconds of soothing from Mom or Dad {and maybe a little help finding the paci in that big 'ole crib} will put him right back to sleep. His first bottle of the day comes between 5:00-6:00 am, and then he'll go back to sleep until about 8:00 am.

  • Our little guy LOVES to be read to...and his attention span is much longer than I ever expected. He'll lay with us and listen to at least two--usually three--books at a time. He'd really like to hold the book himself, but that makes turning pages a bit difficult.
  • Favorite toys: Aside from his giraffe WubbaNub paci, he really loves his "Very Hungry Caterpillar" rattle and this ball he can easily grasp and rattle around. Oh, we also recently broke out the doorway jumper, and he LOVES it! He seems to like that it swings and twirls him in circles more than he enjoys the bouncing part.
  • The boy rolls around like it's his job. He doesn't really get anywhere far because it's not like he rolls consecutively in the same direction, but if you turn your back for longer than a few seconds, he's definitely going to be in a different location than where you left him. He's still not a huge fan of rolling from his tummy to his back, but if you lay him on his back, he's guaranteed to roll to his tummy in a matter of seconds.
  • Baby boy is getting pretty close to sitting on his own. After we put him in the sitting position, he'll play like that for a minute or so...but if he leans just a little too far, he can't quite catch himself yet and he tumbles over.
  • He makes us work pretty hard to hear a whole-hearted laugh, but the sound of his big belly laugh is worth all the effort in the world. Totally melts his momma's heart!
  • Mornings are still his favorite time of day. He's usually content to talk to himself/play in his crib for five to ten minutes when he first wakes up...and then that smile he flashes when he sees you come into his room is pretty much the best thing in the world.
  • We've had some really nice days {absolutely gorgeous weather for January/February}, and H loves loves loves to go for walks in his stroller. 
  • H is obsessed with Lily...but she's not quite sure about him just yet. He reaches for her ALL.THE.TIME! He's pretty good about being gentle when she gets close enough for him to pet her, but that doesn't happen nearly as often as he'd like. She generally stays just out of his reach...almost like she's antagonizing him! {Siblings...ha!} I have a feeling that she'll take a lot more interest in him once he's able to share his food with her.
  • We have a LOUD little guy living in our house...and he loves to hear his own voice. He's especially fond of his high-pitched squeals. That seems to be his preferred method of communication these days... 
  • We have a tooth! His bottom left tooth broke through his gums a couple days go, and that thing is SHARP! Little man handled it like a champ {praying that's the way the rest of the teething process continues}! No sign of any other teeth at this point.

A few more pics from Huston's sixth month of life...

Just readin' the "Tails" book  1/15/2016
Cooking with Momma  1/16/2016

Joining the First United Methodist Church of Richardson  1/17/2016

All smiles  1/18/2016

Trying out the walker for the first time...but it's still a little too far off the ground

Terrible lighting...but those eyes are just so sweet! 1/20/2016

Getting spoiled by Craig & Linsey  1/21/2016

Happiest boy on the block! 1/23/2016

Anxiously awaiting FOOD!  1/28/2016

So serious about the "Animals" book  1/29/2016

#BabyJayhawk  1/30/2016

He prefers no clothes  2/2/2016

Broncos Boys #SuperBowl50   2/7/2016

Mondays with Dad  2/8/2016

Dear Huston,

Happy half-birthday, little man! Each month seems to fly by a little faster than the previous one, and that terrifies me. It seems like just a few days ago when we were terrified for a whole different reason as we brought you home from the hospital...crazy to think that was almost six months ago.  And while the past six months have flown by in the blink of an eye, we also have trouble remembering what life was like before you. All that we know for sure is that our world has been a much better, brighter place since you've been in it, baby boy. 

You're beginning to show some independence...and while it is so rewarding to watch you grow and learn, it also tugs at my heart a little bit. That first night when you endlessly fidgeted in my arms as I tried to rock you to sleep, indicating to me that you just wanted to be put in your crib to fall asleep on your own...that was hard on your momma. I put you down in your crib and rubbed your little back a few times and you were out like a light. I had tears in my eyes as I walked out of your room that night...that was the first {tiniest} step of my baby growing up. But for now you're still my baby...and you better believe I am going to cherish every.single.moment.

I wish I could quantify all that you've taught us over the past six months, but it's truly immeasurable. Most importantly, you've helped us figure out the real priorities in life. Your genuine excitement as you wake up each morning is contagious. Your sweet, sweet innocence is a reminder of the good in this world. YOU are our whole world...and we love you more than you will ever know.  

Love you always,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life Hacks from the Back of my {Generic} Cereal Box

I go through phases where cereal is an integral part of my diet {as in sometimes I'll eat it 2+ times per day}. My recent go-to cereal has been Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. When Ryan came home with TWO boxes of the generic version of cereal, I kinda sorta may have thrown a mini fit. {He knows better than to mess with my brands...I don't care if it's 2 for $5.} As hard as it is for me to admit, his generic cereal was actually really good...I've already had to open the second box!

I was about to throw away the empty box when I noticed these "Household Tips" on the back panel. It's amazing what you can learn from a little box of cereal {including the lesson that I shouldn't question the husband's grocery shopping skills!}.

  • Fresh lemon will remove onion scent from your hands.
  • To keep ants out of the house, find where the ants are entering and sprinkle a barrier of cinnamon or ground pepper. The spices are too hot for the ants to cross.
  • Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips.
  • To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.
  • The freshness of eggs can be tested by placing them in a large bowl of cold water. If they float, don't use them.
  • For a clogged shower head, try boiling it in 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 quart water for 15 minutes.
  • Don't throw away leftover wine. {What?!!?  Who has leftover wine?!!?} Freeze it into ice cubes for future use in casseroles or sauces.
  • If you have a problem opening jars, try using latex dish gloves. The non-slip grip makes opening jars easy.
  • Use egg whites to remove gum from clothing. Brush egg white onto gum with a toothbrush. Let sit for 15 minutes and then launder as usual.
  • Baby wipes are miracle-workers on stains. From motor oil to blood, they remove almost anything!

Life hacks, Household tips

What are your secret life hacks?