Thursday, February 18, 2016

These Are My Confessions...

Today I'm linking up with Jess for a little Thursday confess sesh.

I confess...

  • We got in trouble with the pediatrician for leaving the amber necklace on H while he sleeps. I swear the thing truly works to help babes through the traumatic teething phase, so we're not about to get rid of it! Dr. Diana says they're totally fine for babies to wear...just not while they're sleeping! Noted.
  • I didn't even know the Grammy Awards were on Monday night. Apparently I live under a rock...a DVR'd rock because I can't remember the last time I watched live TV.
  • Speaking of TV and DVR...I've started to watch this week's episode of The Bachelor three times, and I still haven't made it past the first 10 minutes. I'm dangerously close to cheating and reading the spoilers. Someone convince me to wait it out...
  • I love love love that we've had such a mild winter, and I know I'll regret saying this the moment it turns cold...but I really think we need just a few days of harsh cold in order to kill all the ick-tastic bugs that we don't want around when spring and summer actually arrive.
  • I'm a least once, usually twice each morning. I set my first alarm 20-30 minutes before I actually have to get up. What good does this do me? Why don't I just allow myself to get full-on restful sleep until I truly have to get up?
  • I had Monday off for President's Day and I took a vacation day on Tuesday, yet I still cannot wait for the weekend! #IsItFridayYet?

These are my confessions!